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Turkey Track Ranch Statement

As with all our ranching neighbors, families, hands, cowboys, and the communities of the Panhandle, we are heartbroken by this devastating fire and its tremendous associated effects and losses which continue.


Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to all those who have lost homes and personal property and who have sustained injury. The loss of livestock, crops, and wildlife, as well as ranch fencing and other infrastructure throughout our property as well as other ranches and homes across the region is, we believe, unparalleled in our history.


Our early assessment estimates that The Turkey Track Ranch has suffered and lost approximately 80 % of our pastures, plains, and creek bottom vegetation. We continue to assess the total damage to other infrastructure and the loss of livestock.


Our sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks go out to the firefighters who came from as far away as Flower Mound and Dallas to protect and save our ranch. These folks along with some of our own hands, friends, and family members were able to gallantly fight the fire and, in the process, save our historic homestead as well as several other outlying homes and buildings.   That said, we are all completely devastated and personally heartbroken by the magnitude of this horrific event not only across our own ranch but that of many others.


The Turkey Track ranch will recover and regenerate growth, habitat, ecosystems, and wildlife.  Nature mends after fire and will grow again all the natural grasses, vegetation, and tree cover in our beloved ranch oasis. We are fortunate to have an abundance of water both above and below ground which will aid in the recovery of the ranch, while we pray for rain and for all others caught up in and affected by this disaster.

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