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Laborhutt: A Cheaper Alternative to Renting a Uhaul for Moving Furniture and Heavy items.

Dallas, TX – Many of us can remember a time when we purchased furniture or a bulky item from platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, Ikea, or Craigslist, only to end up searching desperately for a practical way to pick up these items. Moving furniture and other heavy items can be a challenge. With gas prices on the rise and the cheapest delivery option costing around $100, it makes sense that most people are looking for better ways to get their items from one place to another. Luckily, there’s a new way to pick up and deliver bulky items without breaking your bank. helps you find neighbors in your area who have pickup trucks and are willing to help you move.

“In my college days, I remember buying a couch from the local Goodwill and had a hard time finding someone to help me with delivery. I believe a lot of people face similar challenges. Our aim is to make the pickup process easier, more affordable, and convenient for everyone. What truly excites me about Laborhutt is witnessing the significant savings people are experiencing by reaching out to neighbors for moving help,” said Jordan Sakala, founder of Laborhutt.

How Laborhutt works:

1.    Find assistance: Browse through a list of neighbors in your area who are willing to lend a helping hand with their pickup trucks.

2.    Connect and Coordinate: Once you’ve found the perfect neighbor-helper, you can message and coordinate the specifics of your move right through the Laborhutt platform.

3.    Get the Job Done: On the scheduled day, your neighbor-helper will arrive with their pickup truck, ready to assist you with moving your furniture or heavy items.

Laborhutt is now available in the Dallas Fort-Worth Metro area, with plans to expand its availability to additional locations. The platform is continuously expanding its reach, ensuring more people can benefit from its network.

About Laborhutt:

Laborhutt is a community-driven platform that connects individuals in need of assistance with moving furniture and heavy items with helpful neighbors who have pickup trucks. The platform fosters community bonds, provides an affordable alternative to traditional moving services, and promotes a more sustainable way of handling moving tasks.

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