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Public Notice

Public Notice

Casey Slone Construction as CMAR for Ore City Independent School District is requesting proposals for “Additions and Improvements” located at 100 Rebel Lane, Ore City Texas 75683. Plans and specifications will be sent to bidders via email upon request through the Construction Manager, Casey Slone Construction.

Summery of scope; Work of the Project is defined by the Contract Documents and generally includes renovations to the existing Administration/Classroom Building on the Ore City Campus. Plans call for the renovation of the facility in order to create a new Special Education Administration Suite and Life Skills Suite, along with renovation of existing restrooms. Staging and construction are to be conducted in a manner that will allow the existing facility to remain in use until the new additions are complete, and the construction is to be conducted in two phases (Administrative Suite is Phase 1–upon completion staff will vacate the existing office area to allow for the Life Skills construction to commence (Phase 2))-(refer to project descriptions in Section 00 11 16).Perform Work of each Contract under the Construction Manager at Risk(CMAR)where the basis of payment is stipulated sum contract with the CM in accordance with the Conditions of the Contract.

Pre-Bid Site Visit
There will be two opportunities for bidders to access the site prior to bid. Attendance while not mandatory is highly recommended for all bidders.
1. December 27th, 2022 @ 2:00pm
2. December 29th, 2022 @ 2:00pm

Bid Date January 10th, 2023 @ 10:00am
Proposals will be received at the office of the Construction Manager via email or hand delivered to:
Casey Slone Construction
7128 IH-20 North Service Road West
Hallsville, Texas 75650

Proposals will be privately reviewed and evaluated. Casey Slone Construction and Ore City ISD reserve the right to reject any or all proposals and waive any bid formalities/irregularities to proposals received. Proposer will be selected on what is determined as the best value for Ore City ISD.

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