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Video: (WARNING!) From A Real Farmer ~ Beef Crisis ~ Food Shortages ~ Texas Cow Boy

#warningfromafarmer #beefcrisis #food #foodshortages Welcome Back! I hope that you really enjoy today’s video! This video is a real conversation with my Rancher Neighbor. He has been raising cows for many many years and has gone through some hard years and tough times. He has experienced droughts in the past and knows what it means to have to make the extremely tough decisions. Larry’s wisdom and experience speaks for itself not just regarding the current state of ranchers here in the US but also touching on the role of government in our food. We discuss international imports and exports of our food, and overall health issues regarding big AG and how it negatively impacts not only the animals health but our health. If you enjoyed this conversation and would be interested in more conversations like this with Larry, please let me know in the comments below. I am blessed and honored to have such a friend, mentor, and neighbor.
Eight years ago, our family uprooted from the North East and left everything we knew about life behind us. Our move was necessary if we wanted to provide a better quality of life for our children. We desired to teach them about the “real” things in life…food, family, farming, and a simple faith. We drove to an unknown and very different “country”…TEXAS.
The Lord was faithful to provide us with housing and work. So with each passing year, we learn to trust Him more and step out on faith. There were times of deep valleys and strong storms but through it all God was good to us! We continue to grow as Christians, as a family and as homesteaders.
God has blessed us…great abundance in land, animals, and fruit trees. Along with abundance comes more challenges and more room for growth. Please follow along on our journey as we strive to build a farm, leave a heritage and homestead this land called TEXAS.
Contact us by SNAIL MAIL: The Texas Boys PO BOX 263 White Oak, TX 75693

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