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Author Noah Asher releases ‘CHAOS: Overcoming the Overwhelming’

New book serves as a comprehensive guide on how to take pain and turn it into purpose


NASHVILLE, Tn. – Chaos comes in many different forms–addiction, loss, divorce, incarceration, depression. The list is endless. While Chaos may not look the same for every person, overcoming it is a possibility. In Noah Asher’s new book titled “CHAOS: Overcoming the Overwhelming” (published by WestBow Press), readers will see how to take their pain and turn it into purpose.


Asher is able to pull from his own past experiences. Years ago, he was incarcerated. And more recently, he lost his father. Chaos has wreaked havoc on his life, but he did not allow this to consume him. He owns his own business and is now a published author! He is using his past and his pain to help others.


“This book provides hope, help, and humor to every reader. We believe you will laugh, feel inspired, and even shed a tear on this journey from overwhelming to overcoming,” Asher says.


“CHAOS” is more than a book. It is a movement. Asher and his team are working tirelessly to bring the message of hope to a hurting world believing Jesus has the power to heal and bring peace.


“Pain does not plague Him.

The economy does not faze Him.

The weather does not disturb Him.

Disease does not infect Him.

Death cannot claim Him.

He has resources we do not have and wisdom we’ve never imagined.

And He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask or think.”


This book is not some typical self-help book. Nor is it an autobiography. It is a collaboration of real people experiencing real pain; and learning from them on how one can overcome the overwhelming. Jesus is not just the center of this book. He is the beginning, middle, and end. And spoiler alert: He always wins.


“CHAOS: Overcoming the Overwhelming”

By Noah Asher                                                                                     

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 292 pages | ISBN 9798385014934

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 292 pages | ISBN 9798385014927

E-Book | 292 pages | ISBN 9798385015351

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

Noah Asher, an author, survivor of chaos, business owner, and communicator, is dedicated to assisting individuals in discovering purpose within their pain and past. His latest publication, “CHAOS: Overcoming the Overwhelming,” serves as a comprehensive guide on navigating challenging times and emerging with greater strength. He is firm in his belief that everyone possesses a unique purpose, and he is committed to aiding others in uncovering it. Connect with him at Moreover, all proceeds from the book will be directed towards acquiring copies for prison libraries and rehabilitation centers across America, contributing to the support and empowerment of individuals in these challenging environments.


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