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By James A. Marples
During the eight year term of Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, he has participated in a moderated radio-talk show in which the Governor takes on all callers —even a few in Texas and elsewhere.  I have been privileged to talk to Gov. Edwards several times.  I appreciated his insight and demeanor and his candid response on the issues, many of which affect us here in Texas. He is now in the last week of his term and Governor-elect Jeff Landry will take over.
I have enjoyed the discussions that I had with Governor Edwards.  When Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., initially was running as a Democrat for President (before he switched to Independent), I made a casual remark:  “Governor Edwards, since RFK, Jr., is a Democrat like you, what do you think of his controversial stance denouncing Dr  Fauci and Vaccines?”  Gov. Edwards momentarily bristled and said “He (RFK, Jr.) is NOT a Democrat like me”.  Later as noted, Kennedy switched to Independent.
One other enlightening conversation I had with Governor Edwards was over EV electric vehicle generating stations along Interstate I-20 just east of Longview towards Shreveport.  EV may be in our future, but I firmly believe coal, oil, gasoline, diesel, and natural gas will continue to power much of the Ark-La-Tex for many years to come.
I am age 60 and Gov. Edwards is age 57.  We are both Roman Catholics.  We’ve had some enjoyable conversations.  It has been much more than a hobby.  I hope others have learned from the Question-and-Answer format.  In a quirky twist of fate, many years ago,  I wrote to “the other Governor Edwards” (Gov . Edwin Edwards ).  He was a maverick and fun like the current Edwards.  I wish Gov. John Bel Edwards a happy retirement.  And, may Texas and Louisiana continue to benefit from future collaboration.

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