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Happy Dance

SUNDAY December 31, 2023

“I did everything he did but backwards and in high heels.”

Ginger Rogers (Fred Astaire was her dance partner)

With a date like 12-3 1-23, perhaps we should waltz our way into the new year. I hear that “The Blue Danube Waltz” is performed every year at a New Year’s Day celebration in Vienna, Austria. Watch and listen to this VIDEO of Andre Rieu & his Johann Strauss Orchestra live at a palace in Vienna with dancers from the famous Austrian Elmayer Dancing School.

While that is a beautiful eight minutes for the senses and many of us enjoy good classical music often, the dance floors here in the Upper East Side of Texas are more likely filled with boot scooters listening to instruments they call fiddles instead of violins. With a “Waltz Across Texas” tune in mind, let’s hope for some graceful moves across the threshold into a new year of possibilities.


My heartaches and troubles are just up and gone

The moment that you come in view

And with your hand in mine dear I could dance on and on

I could waltz across Texas with you.

My dad used to sing that old Ernest Tubb song and play it on his fiddle. Hearing it stirs good memories. I am thankful for those times and many others with family and friends over the years. As I look back on this past year in particular, I am more grateful than ever for this “happy place” we call the Upper East Side of Texas and the people who make it fun and meaningful.

Find the new County Line eMagazine link below and dive in to catch some happy vibes. Get to know some talented people in the region and start filling your calendars with good choices for ways to spend precious time.

Let’s “take a cup of kindness” for days gone by and for a renewed focus on putting good things into the world. — P.A. Geddie


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“Jaune et Noir,” by Terry Crum, from his Mystique collection. He says, “A woman’s eyes will whisper. They will shout. They will speak with great warmth or will freeze you in their coldness. Such is a woman’s mystique. In this series of paintings, I want to let the subjects speak through their eyes and expressions. Each one has fixed me with her gaze and I hope does the same with the viewer.” Terry Crum Studio is in Tyler. Visit to learn more.

Honoring Bobbie Nelson for Making a Path for Women

Here’s a fun version of a recording of “Waltz Across Texas.” It is featured on Amanda Shire’s album Loving You which came out earlier this year. The album was created in collaboration with the late Bobbie Nelson, sister and bandmate to Willie. READ MORE about Bobbie’s influence on women, particularly in the music industry, and why Shire’s wanted to do the album.


Cheers to the Champagne Lady

Happy Champagne Day! Alice Lon from little Cooper, Texas, in Delta County, became a TV celebrity in the 1950s as a vocalist referred to as the “Champagne Lady” on the Lawrence Welk Show. Amidst floating bubbles on stage, Lon performed soft, rhythmic tunes that had many smitten with her style. She was known for wearing particularly full skirts with colorful petticoats designed by her mother, Lois Wyche, as she told TV Guide. She gave instructions in the article on how viewers might make their own petticoats. READ MORE


Easy Keto Gumbo with Vienna Sausage

Speaking of the above-mentioned Vienna, Austria, and walking down memory lane, how many of you — probably raised in the South — called those little sausages that came out of a can VIE-EEN-ah sausages? I was well into adulthood when I realized the name of the impressive town in Austria that I well knew was pronounced vee-en-ah, was tied to those little sausages. I vividly recall checking the label in the grocery store and seeing they were spelled the same and knowing at that moment that I had been led astray as to the correct pronunciation. However you wish to pronounce it, here’s a RECIPE for you by with Vienna sausages in it. — P.A. Geddie


Tiny Doors Appearing Around McKinney

McKinney Tiny Doors is a public art installation with more than 50 miniature doors scattered throughout Historic Downtown McKinney. The doors are often intricately detailed and may include elements such as tiny mailboxes, doorknobs, windows, and other realistic features. For more information about Tiny Doors and a complete list of doors and artists, visit


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