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Texas High School Coaches Association Announces the 2023-2024 Board of Directors

New faces join the THSCA Board of Directors to help improve the coaching profession across Texas.

San Marcos, Texas (August 24, 2023) – The Texas High School Coaches Association has officially announced the 2023-24 Board of Directors. All board members will serve as ambassadors of goodwill for the Texas High School Coaches Association, while advancing the association’s mission and general purpose. Each member will assist in managing all affairs of the association consistent with bylaws, objectives, and establish policies to be carried out by staff and committees.

1. Board members, acting as a group, approve policies, goals, objectives, activities, and strategic plans proposed by the Executive Director.
2. Review and approve the annual budget and report of the external auditors.
3. Ensure that all association activities and policies are upheld.
4. Review, update, and approve the THSCA By-Laws, Policies and Procedures, Code of Ethics,
5. Acting only as a team, not as individual board members, the entire board has total authority. As an individual board member, there is no autonomy.
6. Approves association positions on legislative, regulatory, and judicial matters.
7. Reviews the actions of all association committees and approves recommendations as appropriate. Please click HERE to view the list of 2023-24 Board of Directors

About the Texas High School Coaches Association 
The Texas High School Coaches Association (THSCA) is the principal advocate and leadership organization for Texas high school coaches. The THSCA provides the highest quality representation, education, and services to Texas high school coaches and affiliate members by enhancing the professionalism of coaches and the schools they represent. The mission statement is simply this: To help and serve Texas high school coaches as they work to help and serve student – athletes. “HELPING COACHES HELP KIDS.” For more information on THSCA visit

About Texas High School Coaches Education Foundation
The mission of the Texas High School Coaches Education Foundation is to develop funds from a broad range of donors to provide professional education programs that will strengthen, reinforce, and enhance professionalism in high school coaches throughout the state of Texas. These programs provide instructional material as well as training in character development to coaches in Texas at both the high school and middle school level and can directly impact the lives of over 1.5 million student athletes each year. The two established events are the Texas Coaches Leadership Summit and the R.O.C.K. Mentoring Workshop. 

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