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Talarico Passes Bill Putting Narcan on Every School Campus

AUSTIN — Yesterday, Rep. James Talarico passed legislation to put Narcan at every Texas public school. The bill—which is headed to Governor Abbott’s desk for signature—comes in response to a rise in youth overdose deaths on Texas public school campuses. An opioid antagonist medication, Narcan can reverse an overdose in a matter of minutes and help schools save lives.

Nationwide, teen overdose deaths have increased 182% since 2019. At the beginning of the legislative session, Governor Abbott deemed expanding Narcan access an emergency item. Senate Bill 629—passed by Rep. James Talarico and Sen. Jose Menendez—requires Texas school districts to maintain Narcan on every campus, and to have at least one employee trained on how to administer the medication.

“Expanding Narcan access is one step toward addressing teen overdose deaths in Texas. We must also fund substance abuse treatment and mental health care—but kids can’t get the help they need if they’re no longer with us,” said Rep. Talarico. “Some politicians use the fentanyl crisis to fearmonger instead of taking real action—but our bill to put Narcan on every Texas school campus will actually save lives.” 

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