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Senator Hughes: Legislative Update

April 14, 2023

Legislative Update

  • Senate passes SB 2424: Authorizing Texas law enforcement to arrest and prosecute anyone who illegally crosses the border. See more below.
  • Senate passes SB 14: Ending child gender modification. Details below.
  • Our bill banning Critical Race Theory (CRT) in higher education passes the Senate. Read more below.
  • Under Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s leadership, the Senate has now passed 26 of 30 priority bills including SB 13: Protecting Children from Obscene Books in Libraries and SB 26: Expanding Mental Health Care Access, among several other priority bills.

Protecting the Border

For the first time ever, crossing the border illegally will be a violation of not just federal law, but Texas law. Up to this point, we have had to rely on federal enforcement of border crimes. When this bill becomes law, Texas officers can enforce Texas law against illegal border crossings, without having to ask permission from the feds.

Did you know? Our state has spent more than $4 billion on border security in the past two years. The federal government won’t enforce border security and they won’t fund it either, forcing Texans to foot the bill in the fight to protect our communities.

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Ending Child Gender Modification

I am proud to have co-authored Senate Bill 14 which will protect Texas children from medically unnecessary, life-altering, irreversible gender modification treatments. This bill requires the Texas Medical Board to revoke the license of a physician who provides prohibited gender transitioning medical interventions to a child under 18.

SB 14 also prohibits the use of public funds to pay for the performance of gender transitioning medical interventions on children or to support any provider, hospital, medical school, or other entity that provides or facilitates the performance of prohibited interventions.

The testimony heard in the Senate Committee on State Affairs reaffirmed the need for this legislation and the urgency required to protect Texas children. We are deeply grateful to Senator Donna Campbell for authoring this crucial piece of legislation.

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Banning CRT in Higher Education

My bill SB 16 reinforces academic freedom and intellectual diversity in higher education, and it deals with Critical Race Theory: the divisive teaching that racism is inherent and embedded in our legal and economic systems, and that everyone is either an oppressor or a victim.

We cannot allow Texas higher education to become echo chambers for left wing ideologies. So SB 16 will prohibit faculty from compelling students to adopt a belief that any race, sex, or ethnicity is inherently superior or inferior to another.

Watch my closing argument here

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