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Sen. Bettencourt supports Governor Abbott’s call for an investigation of Harris County Elections

Since last week’s press conference, he’s been overwhelmed by the number of complaints about Harris  County Votes, Harris County Elections Administration, & its administrator 

Houston – In response to Governor Greg Abbott’s announcement, Senator Paul Bettencourt (R Houston) wholeheartedly supports an investigation into the failed election practices of Harris County. How  did the nation’s third largest county hold an election without sufficient paper ballots for voters to use at the  polls, and why would the Election Administrator and the staff not respond to these complaints  immediately? Senator Bettencourt has spent five days in consultation with State of Texas leadership  about poor election practices being documented from Tuesday’s election. 

“This is the worst election day ever by a major county election’s department that I’ve seen in my  lifetime! Specific polls were apparently given too few ballots to begin with, and repeated requests  by presiding judges and political party representatives, etc, were denied for over half a day. It’s  abominable that government holds an election, but either couldn’t or wouldn’t provide voters with  paper ballots to cast their votes!” Senator Bettencourt stated. 

Senator Bettencourt has already participated in one news conference and is expecting to attend others. The initial reconciliation form by the Harris County Elections Administrator shows 6,409 more ballots than  voters. Hundreds of initial complaints have been made by voters, elected judges, etc. 

“I suspect many election contests will be filed. This is not about being an election denier, it is about actual reported voter irregularities. This is about voter suppression because it’s simply  unbelievable that in the 21st century citizens show up to vote and can’t cast their ballots…the  cause of this must be determined.” concluded Senator Bettencourt. 

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