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It’s beautiful in Pritchett as I type this. Storms and maybe high winds are expected tonight.Remember to have severe weather plans this time of year and hopefully you won’t have to use them.

Last week I mentioned the upcoming contested election the first Tuesday of May. In the Pritchett area, Upshur County Republicans have announced there will be a run off in the Precinct Chair race.

Bridget Fowler and Sherry Breedlove both would like to serve as this area representative if you are a Republican voter. In addition there are propositions for your consideration.

I heard from our local commissioner, Michael Ashley that there will be a open dump day on April 30. I know this beautiful weather has lots of people cleaning up around their property. I will have more details for you before that day but start gathering up your trash.

Pritchett Missionary Baptist reports they have a wonderful service yesterday with a presentation from The Gideons association.

Plans have been made for an Easter Sunday sunrise service followed by breakfast. I also heard a big Easter Egg Hunt will be held at the Tomlin’s farm.

Along with all the fun of the hunt they have planned hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone.

Norma Tomlin told me anyone who’d like to come is invited. I’ll give all the times in a later column for those interested.

New Hope Baptist had a good sermon from Ephesians titled “Walk this Way.” This church was also blessed to have two frequent visitors join the church.

Filled Easter eggs are being collected these two weeks for a big hunt. Planning and great expectations are happening for Vacation Bible School.

As most of Pritchett knows New Hope has had one of the biggest Vacation Bible Schools in the area for years. This year promises to be no exception. Details will be available soon.

Horsefly has been comparing the old days with the world we are living in. Things have sure changed.

Take the way we light our homes for instance. In his childhood there was kerosene lamps that had to be filled, lit and often carried from room to room. Now it’s just flip a switch in each room.

We all take for granted having ice cubes in the refrigerator or even directly in the door. Back in Horsefly’s day a ice man had to deliver a big block of ice to their door.

I’ve told you before about keeping their butter in their well so it stayed cold. Now there is margarine and butter in all sizes and brands to purchase at our local stores.Horsefly wonders why if there was bad weather his Grandmother always needed butter churned by a boy trapped in the house by rain.

On Saturday night Horsefly and family sat on the front porch to listen to The Grand Orpy with a radio hooked up to a car battery. Now it’s on more than one channel live to watch with repeats whenever you want to view.

Horsefly says that quilting covers were a necessity to keep warm and made often from old clothing cut down to squares. These were sewn by hand in the very few spare minutes a housewife found in a day.

These days you can purchase a quilt made in mass production but it’s not the same quality or has sentimental value. The big exception are the quilt clubs and women at home who had the expertise passed on to them by someone.

Horsefly tells me he thinks a lot of changes have made life easier and he’s fine with that but the one thing he hopes never changes are the folks who still quilt. The quilts are still treasures no matter the age of creation. That’s all he had to say about that.

The recent tornados were horrible, there is no doubt about it but the people, businesses, churches, and law and fire departments that came to the rescue cannot be thanked enough.

I know helping was just as much a blessing to those people as it was to the ones in need. Have a wonderful week.


It’s Monday of a new weekas I write this and I’m amazed that storms are again in tonight’s forecast. It seems like this is true every Monday lately. Thinking of the old saying that “April showers bring May flowers” and wondering, if that is a true statement why are so many flowers beautifully blooming right now.

I talked with Teresa Wilson who is secretary of the community association here in Pritchett. All of the officers from the last term have been re-elected to serve again. These volunteers give of their time and talent to preserve the corporation which has existed since the 1950s.

Many people in this area express their appreciation of having a local place to vote in elections, rent when they need a venue, a place to quilt, Girl Scouts to meet, or just attend fun events there.

Watch for upcoming events to support the community and consider renting the center for your next get-together. Leave a message at 903-576-1729 to reserve a date for your event.

New Hope Baptist Church had a great weekend. Bro. James Gray continued his series from Ephesians before a hamburger and hot dog lunch.

After lunch the first ever kickball game between the adults and children of the church brought great fun to the day. I heard the kids won,11-8 but I also heard that’s debatable. All those there did agree that the fellowship was fun and amazing.

Next week will be Easter and the church is ready for visitors. A big Easter egg hunt for the children will take place after the service.

Pritchett Missionary Baptist will have a sunrise service and breakfast at the church will be open to anyone wishing to attend.Worship on Easter will be atthe regular time. They also have an Easter egg hunt and cookout planned in the afternoon at a member’s home. It’s going to be a busy weekend for most churches.

I tried to get a story out of Horsefly about his years gone by for you this week. Maybe his old age is taking a toll on him because his mind couldn’t seem to settle on one story. He rambled on about knowing everybody growing up.

He remembers how most people ran their errands on Saturday and hung out around town catching up and swapping stories. In this world everyone seems to be in such a hurry you don’t always even get a “Howdy” when you are around town.

When meeting someone on a back road Horsefly said everyone always waved even if they did not know you.These days vehicles speed by so fast you barely get a good look at the driver much less see them wave.

Horsefly says maybe he’s getting senile getting these things on his mind and can’t get them off but that’s all he had to say about that.

I found a little tidbit when reading that reportedly was advice from the actor Clint Eastwood to his son, Scott.

“My father taught me not to overthink things, that nothing is ever perfect, so just keep moving and do your best,” the younger Eastwood repeated.

Sounds like reasonable advise to me. I’ll catch up with you next week. Happy Easter and God bless you and yours.


I hope each of you had a wonderful “resurrection weekend” with family and friends. I hope each of you received a blessing.

So many that made dyed Easter eggs are today whipping up deviled eggs and egg salad with the left over eggs. I think it’s always been that way.

Before the availably of plastic eggs this was the only way to have egg hunts. I’m still not sure how a rabbit has an abundance of eggs to spread around but we all keep the story alive. Don’t laugh because I know, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I have seen so many of you working in your yards or evidence of it this past week. This is so timely since Upshur County will have a county wide cleanupApril 30. This is for households only (no businesses) to bring your trash over on Cottonwood. Etex will be there to recycle appliances, computers and batteries.

Keep those items separate when loading your vehicle please. Open from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. depending on available dumpster space that day. Please call 903-680-8157 with questions. Thanks Commissioner Michael Ashley for the information.

I’ve been to Hill’s Farm this week for strawberry picking and ice cream and I’ve seen many of you there. It’s always an enjoyable time and we are proud to have this business in our community.

New Hope Baptist Church reports that Easter Sunday was amazing. The services were attended by regulars as well as many visitors. After services, all the children had a huge Easter egg hunt.

The church has a very active group of all age children attending Kingdom Kids on Wednesday nights. If you have children, check them out. A meal is included beginning at 6 p.m. and the fun and Bible studies last until 8 p.m. every Wednesday in the memorial building behind the church.

Pritchett Missionary Baptist had a cook out and Easter egg hunt last Saturday. Easter morning found them doing a sunrise service that was one of their best. Breakfast was served before Sunday school and service. This church was happy to greet many visitors for their Easter service as well as their members.

Horsefly says he remembers as a teenager at Big Sandy High School working part time, after school and on weekends at a local gas station.

The station was owned by V.E. Davis. Davis had three garage repair stations. These were the days before specialized businesses sprouted up like oil change shops, tire shops, and auto repair shops. At Davis’s you could get service or repairs.

Horsefly would pump gas, check under the hood and wash all the windows of customers.

What was unique to Davis was he had a small show room and lot to sell cars. Davis was an Edsel dealer and in the 50s they were easy to sell. All were easy to sell except one Davis had ordered and kept him up at night thinking it might never sell. This brand spanking new Edsel was really fancy for that era and area.

This shiny new Edsel had all the bells and whistles of the day. When most people in Big Sandy were just working people and money was tight after the war they wanted new cars that were plain enough for them to afford.

Davis would tell Horsefly he was afraid that particular car was never going to sell. That was until one day a dairy farmer and wife came in from Shady Grove car shopping. Davis showed them all the usual new cars that were there for purchase.

Finally he showed them the fancy Edsel car in the showroom. The husband and wife starting discussing, out of ear shot of Davis.

Finally, the man approached and said, “If it’s all the same to you, we’d like to buy the Edsel in the showroom.”

To say Davis was thrilled was a understatement. He was so relived to get that car off his hands. The pressure to sell that auto was off him finally and his employees were happy for him.

That’s all Horsefly had to say about that. I’m going to add for any of you younger readers who don’t know what an Edsel was please look it up. Those cars were very unique and real beauties going down the road.

I had a friend share a list of ten things that require zero talent. 1. Being on time; 2. Work ethic; 3. Effort; 4. Energy; 5. Body Language; 6. Passion; 7. Doing extra; 8.Being prepared; 9. Being coachable; and 10. Attitude.

Think of all the successful people you know. Can you see these talents practiced by them? I’m talk to you next week but remember to spread kindness around like confetti. It’s easy if you try.


Samuel Clemens, known by the pen name Mark Twain, is one of the more well known American authors.

In 1897 Twain traveled to London for some speaking engagements. Since no one seemed to know exactly what had happened to him, rumors of ill health and even his death were rampant.

Upon learning of these rumors Twain wrote to his local paper beginning his letter with this famous quote: “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

I know a little of how Twain must have felt since my abrupt departure from this column about four weeks ago. I’d like to squash the rumors of my own death and illness.

I’m very much alive thanks to lots of prayers, a very skillful surgeon and team of doctors, nurses and therapists. I’m home recovering after a long stay in hospital and rehab.

When it rains it pours and my sweet hubby was also in hospital getting a tune-up. We are both on the mend now happy to be home.

I’m alive but apparently my IPad passed away while I was gone so I’m typing a short column on my phone.  Thelma, my Ipad was only ten years old but in human years that may be 100 years. A computer doctor seems in her future.

I got a chance to check in with a couple of local churches.

Pritchett Missionary Baptist reports that they are seeing a real increase in attendance. A growing church naturally is into future planning and this one is no exception. On their calendar the date of June 25 is reserved for a ladies luncheon. It’s going to be great fellowship and some of the best eating around.

New Hope Baptist has increased their membership since I last spoke with them. A garage sale benefiting their large children’s ministry was a great success. So much so that donations continue to come in so another sale is on the church calendar for June 4.

Meetings and training are on going for one of the largest vacation Bible schools in this area. More on this endeavor  in a later column.

I heard many, many folks say they miss Horsefly and really so do I. I promise to make a point of sitting down with him before next week.

I will also get my IPad situation resolved and be able to actually put out a better column.

Until that time I’ll remind you it takes so much less effort to smile than frown. This is one of the easiest exercises I know so won’t you join me all week? Be safe.



So much rain in northern Upshur County but, as happens often, Pritchett received not a drop. It’s almost like we have an umbrella over us. Sprinklers are on at my home.

Summer is now in full swing and that means family get-togethers. Don’t forget our community center is available for rent including the beautiful covered patio behind it. Call our reservation line and leave a message. The number is 903-576-1729. Make some memories for your friends and family as people have done at our center for generations.

I’ve gotta tell you about New Hope Baptist Church. When many churches are slowing down for summer this church is kicking their children’s ministry into high gear. Every Wednesday night children can get a meal with a different fun theme. A huge VBS is set up for June 27-July 1 from 9 a.m. to noon.

I got to talk to Horsefly finally. With everyone talking about harvesting gardens his mind drifted back to a one summer long ago. The longest two days of his life happened when his mother and grandparents took him along to help a neighbor pick cotton. Horsefly thinks he was 7-8 years old and though not sure of his age he does remember vividly the heat.

He was given a small sack with a strap to go over his shoulders to put the cotton he picked in. The grown-ups had very long bags as tall as  they were. These bags were so tall they had to be folded in half to weigh the cotton on a scale. The picked cotton was dumped into two wagons with tall side boards to pile the cotton high.

At the end of each day the neighbor paid them for the days work out of a baking powder can where he kept his money. Horsefly had sore fingers from picking the cotton boles from the sharp edges of the plants. The pain was forgotten when he realized he had made 57 cents for each day’s work. The adults in the family made some paper dollars but he doesn’t know how much.

The family went with the neighbor when he hauled his crop to Big Sandy to sell. The wagons they drove were moved into position under a hose like contraption that sucked the cotton out of wagon. Horsefly remembers it was steam driven, had lots of belts and chains and was very noisy. He noticed several bales of cotton on the dock ready to load on the Cotton Belt Railroad.

The neighbor and his family are all gone now. The train depot and cotton gin have long since disappeared but the memories of those two days picking cotton remain etched in his mind. The best part of those two long, hard days were all the Peanut Patties and RC colas that hard-earned $1.14 bought a young boy and that’s all he had to say about that.

The forecast for the next few days is hot. I’ve heard the good thing about Texas heat is you don’t have to worry about anyone hiding in your backseat to scare you.

If you see someone without a smile give them one of yours. Talk to you next week.


We’ve seen our hottest temperatures to date this last week. All the local gardeners are getting out as early as possible to tend their crops. It’s a way of life in this heat. I’ve heard in spite of the heat and inadequate rain the harvest is really good. With the economy the way it is even first time gardeners are reaping a good crop.

Local markets all over the area have a great selection. I’ve picked up everything from squash to blackberries locally. If you haven’t tried a local up-pick berries this would be a good time to try it out. Berry picking is a great education for children and a fun family activity.

Pritchett isn’t the thriving community it once was but we are proud that our quilt club has survived for almost 100 years. Sometimes operating with a few ladies and sometimes with a house full it is a great American past time. If you choose to visit any Thursday the community center is the site of a old-fashion quilting bee. These ladies are always welcoming of beginners or those with experience to join them.

New Hope Baptist tells me your children can have something to look forward to this summer. Every Wednesday night at 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. all kiddos from age 4 thru 6th grade can have a meal, fun activities and Bible lessons. Each week is a different theme and this week it’s a water theme. Bring the kids to the big building behind the church in clothes it’s okay to get wet.

I’ve had trouble picking up news this week so I’m depending on Horsefly to give me a entertaining story.

He remembers when Hwy. 80 was the only major road that ran from coast to coast, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. It might be hard for the young readers to imagine a time when interstate highways didn’t exist or high speed travel wasn’t heard of but Horsefly remembers.

Most of the small towns between major cities saw a big boom to their economy. Big Sandy, Gladewater and Hawkins were just such towns. In Big Sandy there were several gas stations with mechanics, stores, cafes, a motel and hotel. Oh yes, things were great, or were they?

Horsefly says rumor has it that once in Big Sandy and in plenty of other small towns things were not so great for travelers. It seems that a constable and a judge could team up to run a nice little racket.

Late in the night when local residents were all home finishing up their day or sleeping — things in Hwy. 80 were mighty strange.

Some travelers were being stopped by the constable for speeding and taken to city hall which also had a small jail. The local judge was summoned and he gave the driver a choice of paying a fine then or spending up to six months in jail. Money was being exchanged almost always. The drivers willingly paid the judge to be on their way.

Rumor has it one night a driver was taken in to appear in front of the judge by the constable but instead of pulling the fine money from his pocket he pulled out a Marshall’s badge.

The same rumor spreaders said the constable and judge stopped working nights after that. Now Horsefly wasn’t sure how these happenings were resolved for sure or if the whole story was just a big Texas tall tale but that’s all he had to say about that.

Things are pretty crazy in this world right now with the rising cost of just getting by and the terrible tragedies we’ve seen. I think it’s important for our own peace of mind to find something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder. Maybe, just maybe doing this will ease the strain on our lives. Be safe and talk to you next week.



Did you ever imagine that you’d be looking forward to temperatures in the low 90’s? This last week of 100 plus temperatures, which didn’t even reflect the heat index, made us all feel this way. Texans agree on more things than they don’t and weather is usually a subject all Texans agree on.

New Hope Baptist has a huge Vacation Bible School going on all week. Every morning from 9 a.m. until noon children from four years old thru the sixth grade are being welcomed to learn about Jesus and have some memory making fun. Wednesday night children’s summer activities will be suspended until next week.

Pritchett Ministry Baptist Church is excited to present the ministry team of Scott and Lori Anne Roberts at 11 a.m. on Sunday, July 3.

Scott is a nationally recognized piano player and was voted keyboardist of the year in Branson, Mo. for 2021.

Lori Anne is a writer, singer and speaker at women’s conferences across the country.

Through singing, musicianship, and testimony this couple will minister the entire service this Sunday. All are welcome to come visit that morning and stay for a barbecue, potluck lunch.

Horsefly said all everyone is talking about is the heat. We have been setting some record breaking highs lately on the temperature gauges.

Think about it though, many of those temperatures that are being broken now were set in Horsefly’s growing up years.

He remembers, as a teen, the nights in his 10 x 12 bedroom. The one window in the room was on the south side of the house. With no electricity he was always at the mercy of which way the wind was blowing. If the wind didn’t come from the south there was no air circulating in his room while he tried to sleep.

In his youth for a while there was not even a screen on the window. Those days,  Horsefly says, he woke many mornings with sweat soaked sheets and mosquitoes bites. Screens were a blessing but didn’t solve the heat situation.

Mothers in that era stood in hot kitchens making meals for their families. Family gardens had to be tended and canning for the winter months had to be done no matter if heat was breaking records.

These days if a power outage causes air conditioning to stop most folks are about to come unglued. In the days of Horsefly’s youth there was no need to complain about something you couldn’t change and that’s all he had to say about that.

A new snowcone establishment opened in Big Sandy this week. You can find it next to the Subway. So many, I’ve talked to in the community, are excited to make a short family trip to check out the many flavors, including some sugar free selections. Just what is needed in this heat and with the price of gas keeping many close to home.

The world is full of nice people, if you can’t find one be one. By doing this the world will be full of nice people. I’ll catch up with you next week.



Pat Camp recorded his third hole-in-one on the 140-yard sixth hole, using a seven iron, at Gilmer Country Club; witnesses were Doyle Johnson, Richard Yocom, Tony Hill and Jeff Williams . . . Wynn Romere came across a lame roadrunner and took it to Dr. Cherie Nazzal, who successfully operated on it; Romere then returned the bird to the wild in the vicinity of FM 1975 where he had found it . . . Bethesda Lodge No. 142 of Gimer installed Bob Bates as worshipful master; Ivan Berry, musician; Steve Murray, chaplain; Mark Sanford, junior warden; Jerry Fenton, secretary; Billy Davis, installing master; Wayne Oney, senior warden; Brian Williams, master of ceremonies; Sam Barton, treasurer; Brent White, senior deacon; Danny Robinson, junior deacon; and Stanley Jenkins, installing master . . . Amanda Renfroe of Gilmer was co-starring in award-winning romantic comedy Sylvia at Northeast Texas Community College . .  . Texas Oncology-Longview Cancer Center recognized Shirley Wilson and Jenny Perez of Gilmer for 10 years each of service.



Gilmer Main Street an- nounced it would hold groundbreaking ceremony for Streetscape project . . . Gilmer Area Chamber of Commerce released new brochure funded by grant from Texas Historical Assn. . . . Huge yellowjacket nest on Caribou Road was causing concern for area resi- dents . . . Enon Baptist Church honored its pastor, Bro. Ray Thompson, on his retirement from public education . . . Will Ferrell, 23, former com- mander of Ross Volunteers at Texas A&M, was killed in a car wreck in Palestine . . . Nell Freedman won miscellaneous division of Ore City Fourth of July Parade dressed up in her Kilgore Rangerette uniform as a “Rangerette Forever” . . . Boy Scout Venture Crew 498 held fundraiser at Hadden’s Sand- wich Shop for Canada trip.


Tracy Williams won contest to become 55th Yamboree Queen . . . Final census fig- ures showed Upshur County to have 31,370 residents and Gilmer 4,822 . . . Tenee Gunn made NCA All-American Team and GHS cheerlead- ers won “Top Team” award at summer camp . . . Alice Ragland earned bachelor of applied science degree from ETBU . . . Gilmer Asst. Supt. RonnieStanleyresignedtobe- come Cumby superintendent . . . Mary Lou Davidson, Betty Finney, Cal Arnold and Mary Ann Patterson were pictured with their Yamboree queen portraits, which were being hung in Chamber of Com- merce meeting room . . . Deaths included Mrs. Hazel Maines, 82; Mrs. Ella Mae Jones, 74; Mrs.LeoneGates,84…Gilmer Rotary Club honored Juanita Nelms, 55-year pianist for the club, by making her a Paul Harris Fellow . . . Virginia Carroll wrote about and was pictured with the skin of Old Lucifer, the resident coach- whip at Crossroad Cemetery . . . Gary Hamberlin was named Winona Primary School prin- cipal . . . John Youngblood and Paul White attended Texas Lions Camp in Kerrville.


City council selected R.D. (Buck) Cross, veteran state DPS officer, to be Gilmer city judge; City Mgr. Tom Brymer presented council with a proposed $1.4 million budget . . . Fire damaged garage and storeroom at the James Turn- ers’ residence on Warren St.; firemen’s quick action kept it from spreading to the house . . . Deaths included Paul Rounsaville, 68; Conard Florence, 67; Mrs. Minnie D. Trice, 93; Homer Houston Mings, 73; George Hutchings, 73; Aaron Edgar Fields, 74 . . . Timothy Brannon made academic honor list at Baylor . . . Dustin LaRue Harris and Amanda Diane McClelland, both of Gilmer, were crowned Supreme King and Supreme Queen of baby land from over 500 entries in Longview Jaycees’ beauty contest . . . City and school officials from Ore City were locked in a dispute with Upshur County Appraisal District over their tax rolls.


Valueof taxablepropertyin Upshur County was expected to be about the same as in 1971, about $27 million, said County Judge L.G. McKin- ley . . . Gilmer and Upshur County continued to grow during the first six months of 1972, according to economic indicators . . . Total deposits in the two Gilmer banks had jumped by over $3 million in the preceding 12 months, totaling $20.5 million . . . J.D. Richey, 52, of Big Sandy was killed on July 6 when his pickup truck overturned near the Shady Grove store; Mrs. Martha Evelyn Marsh, 62, of Big Sandy died July 10 at the hospital here after being injured two days earlier in a pickup-station wagon colli- sion east of town on Hwy. 154 . . . Henry S. Loyd was to receive his 50-year membership pin and certificate from Bethesda Masonic Lodge . . . A major cleanup campaign was to be- gin here . . . Fire destroyed the Zion Hill Baptist Church.


Twin brothers Ronnie E. and Johnnie E. Davidson joined the Army under the “Buddy System” . . . W.O. Stanley, 50, of Diana was killed in a head- on collision east of Diana . . . Some 275 persons attended the Lindsey reunion at Kelsey . . . Mr. and Mrs. James Callaway and Mike moved into their new home in Pine Acres . . . Mr. and Mrs. Harley Mitchell of Shady Grove celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.


“Carol” was the contest-winning name for the Coxes’ new drive-in theatre . . . John W. Wyatt, 63, died at Latch . . . Mr. and Mrs. Vance Owen of Waco opened the Dairy Queen . . . Mrs. Mattie Leona Oxford died in her 81st year . . . Work started on a new Indian Rock Baptist Church . . . Former game com- missioner William J. Tucker, brother of Georgia Laschinger, died of a heart attack in Colorado in his 62nd year.


The corn is planted. You know the corn we were not going to plant. I sure hope the wild hogs can’t smell it. Bill puts a lot of money and hard work in planting. That is one reason that it is so sad when the wild animals get it.
I wanted to plant some peanuts. However, Bill said he was afraid to plant them because the wild hogs loved peanuts and would probably find them and root them up. Oh well, they do everything else also. Just the chance for wanting a garden.
How many April fools jokes were aimed at you on the 1st? My sister Pat Meadows, who lives in Danville, Va. was born on April Fools Day.
Yesterday she got the cast off her elbow that she broke just in time to celebrate. They had to do a total elbow replacement. She will now start therapy. What a way to celebrate her 76th birthday.
She and her daughter, Sherrie Turner, were on their way to a concert to see Gene Watson when Pat fell. She was only a few feet from getting in the door when it happened. I think that she was more disappointed at not getting to see Gene Watson than she was about breaking her elbow. Just saying.
They say storms are coming again. We sure could use some rain, however the storms need to go on. They have already done enough damage. My heart goes out to anyone who had damage from the storm. It was really bad down here, however it was by the grace of God it missed us.
In Oklahoma, where my little brother lives, a place called Little City Oklahoma was wiped out and leveled. In Kingston, Okla., which is three miles from my brother there was extensive damage. The storms appeared to dance around and just pick and choose where it wanted to hit.
I am tired of all this high wind. I know it is supposed to blow in March, however this is ridiculous. The garden plants are blowing every which way. Last year the flood got the garden and now it is just wait and see. Is that not what every day of life is? Just wait and see. We need to be thankful that we wake up each day just to see what each day brings. We all know that some are better than others.
What is a bad day? Compared to what? We just have to be our own judge as to what we think a bad day is. A bad day to one person, may be considered a good day by someone else. Isn’t life great? I will take it any way I can get it. God is good!
Well we only got one inch of rain. The ground was so dry that it soaked it up immediately. I guess one inch is better than nothing. We got a lot of loud thunder, however no bad storms. I really don’t know how anything could grow with the lows and highs that we have been having.
If you have any animals please take good care of them. Keep fresh water and food out for them. I know the cold spell made a big difference for me, so a dog outside sure must be wondering what happened. You go to bed with the air on and get up and turn on the heat. I don’t think you could ever satisfy everyone with any temperature. Our bodies are all different. It also has a lot to do with what our bodies are used to.
I hate to say it but there are still several that are on the prayer list. Pray for those with storm damage also. With this old world in the shape that it is in right now prayer should be a big part in everyone’s life.
It’s that time of year to get out our lawn mowers and get to work. I don’t have to tell you how much it will cost you in gas even if you do it yourself. These high gas prices have sure made a difference on everything. Pray things get better soon!


How is everyone liking this weather? I can’t believe it changed again. Good old Texas! We received two and one half inches of rain the other night.
Boy the onions and potatoes are growing. From the way it looks right now, we may have potatoes out our ears. We all know what could happen too. If they do grow as good as they look then there will be the back breaking fun of digging and picking them up. Oh well, we wanted a garden.
Yesterday I really got my exercise. I was on the phone to my sister Pat who lives in Danville, Va. when I looked out the kitchen and noticed two mules running around. I threw down the phone and ran them to the back pasture to keep them off the road.
Bill was out in the barn, I found out later changing the oil in his truck. I finally made it all the way around the barn, yelling Bill all the way. About that time two trucks pulled up. Here I stand out of breath, and one of the men said you got mules out? I said I guess so but I can’t find my husband to tell him.
The man said, oh those are our mules we brought a trailer to load them. I said oh my God, have at it. That was one job that I was glad to turn over to someone else.
Bill’s Dodge truck had been running all this time and you couldn’t here yourself think for its loud motor.
Come to find out, when I was looking for Bill under the truck and in it from a distance. He couldn’t here me yelling for him because I found out later that he was leaned over laying across the truck seat sweeping it out with a whisk broom. That is why I never could see the cab of the truck.
By this time Bill was done with the oil change and pulled out of the barn in the Dodge. He looked up and saw the men and myself and said what is going on?
Our mules definitely don’t have a habit of getting out, however there is always the possibility when you have any kind of animals. It’s not like Bill to leave a gate open, however I wasn’t out there to help him. I just thought maybe he was putting out hay. But, through all this I was wondering why his truck was just sitting there idling. Come to find out he had gotten the oil changed and then put something in that required the motor to run awhile and circulate it. It all turned out good. The men got their mules loaded and left.
Several years ago, a preacher from out of state accepted a call to a church in Houston, Texas.
Some weeks after he arrived he had an occasion to ride the bus from his home to the down town area. When he sat down he discovered that the driver had accidentally given him a quarter too much in change.
As he considered what to do, he thought to himself, you’d better give the quarter back. It would be wrong to keep it. Then he thought, oh, forget it, it’s only a quarter. Who would worry about this little amount? Anyway the bus company get’s too much fare. They will never miss it. Accept it as a gift from God, and just keep quite.
When his stop came he paused momentarily at the door and then he handed the quarter to the driver and said, “here you gave me too much change.”
The driver with a smile replied, “Aren’t you the new preacher in town?
“Yes,” he replied.
“Well I have been thinking a lot lately about going somewhere to worship. I just wanted to see what you would do if I gave you too much change. I will see you at church Sunday.”
When the preacher stepped off the bus he literally grabbed the nearest light pole, held on and said, “Oh God! I almost sold your son for a quarter.”
Just remember that sometimes you are the only Bible that people read.
Pray for the sick, and all the storm victims no matter where they may live! God Bless!


Things are going right along. Life is good! Especially for anyone that can say they just celebrated 70 years of marriage. Yes, on April 12 Joyce and Gerald Payne did just that. That is a long time to be able to enjoy the love of your life. I would have to say that the couple has been greatly blessed.
Most of you, if not all of you, know the couple I am talking about. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, then just close your eyes and think about the lovely couple, matched out in their western hat, boots and attire, dancing the night away.
If you have ever attended the Yamboree street dance, I feel sure you have watched them dance. Many years ago when I first noticed the two dancing I was shocked at how smooth they danced and how they moved together as one. I had never seen such rhythm.
At that time I didn’t realize that they lived just up the road from me and were my neighbors. What a great surprise. The couple never missed a morning or evening of getting out and walking for miles. They always had on their western hats.
One day while driving by when they were walking, it hit me, that is the dancing couple that I watched at the Yamboree. Some years later I met them and we all became good friends. I have learned so much about the couple. Great wonderful neighbors!
They live back off the road in the woods. I bet when they are not entertaining out on the road, that they are probably on their front porch dancing for the wild animals and birds. If they are you can bet they have the rhythm. Congratulations to this young couple. May you share many more years together.
There is someone else that did a little celebrating on April 12, Jane Stillman had a birthday.
Jane and Dale Stillman have celebrated over 50 years of marriage. We all hope Jane had a very happy birthday, and many more.
When you get outdoors and just smell the fresh budded trees and flowers, it tends to make you have a great appreciation for life. Everywhere you look you see the art work of God’s hands.
His nail-scared hands never stop working for you and me. Praise God for all blessings. Keep Him in your life and pray every chance you get. It is good that we all have the freedom to worship and pray.
While looking at a house to buy, my husband asked the real estate agent, which direction was north; because he explained, he didn’t want the sun waking him up every morning.
The real estate agent asked, “Does the sun rise in the north?”
My husband explained that the sun rises in the east, and has for quite some time.
The agent shook her head and said, “Oh well, I don’t keep up with all that stuff!”
The Simpsonville VFD has been going to a lot of grass fires. I don’t have to tell you that the wind has been too high to burn anything. Just because there is no burn ban doesn’t mean that it is safe to burn.
If you strike a match you are responsible for whatever it burns. If the wind is so high that you can’t keep a hat on your head, then yes chances are that it is too windy to burn. Even if you burn in a barrel it can get out. Never leave a fire unattended under any circumstances. It is an accident waiting to happen.
We have a really good stand of potatoes in the garden. We planted our onions in two different garden spots. Fertilized both the same. One spot is making big onions and the other seems to be just sitting there. Plants came from the same place. Just saying!


Well, you can wave good- by to April, but don’t let that slow you down. There is a lot going to be happening on in May.
The Annual Simpsonville Homecoming and Memorial Day Service is set for May 15 at 10:30 a.m. It will be held at the Simpsonville Baptist Church, with speaker John Richard Spencer leading the service. Immediately following the service there will be a short cemetery business meeting.
Afterwards, lunch will be served under the pavilion. Don’t forget to bring a basket lunch. Since May, 2021, the following have been buried in the Simpsonville Cemetery: Jerry Richards, Mike Spencer, Patsy Edwards, Richard Davis, Mary Ann (Taylor) Stracener, and Gregg Brewer.
During the memorial service, an offering will be taken. This offering will be used for the maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery. If you are unable to attend the service, but would like to make a contribution to the maintenance fund, please make your check payable to the Simpsonville Cemetery Maintenance Fund and mail the contribution to, Joan Warren at Simpsonville Cemetery/Association, 7982 FM 2088, Gilmer, Texas, 75644.
If you are any of your family might have an interest in this meeting, you might want to notify them. We look forward to seeing all our old friends there. Please bring whatever you want to have for lunch in your picnic basket. Let’s not make this a sad day; family members would want you to be happy. So smile and be thankful that we have a nice well taken care of cemetery for our loved ones resting place.
We appreciate Joan Warren for all her hard work and dedicated services of taking care of the business of the cemetery.
The Simpsonville VFD held a training meeting April 21 at the fire department. It was well-attended as usual. These dedicated men and women are trying in every way to be trained and ready for any emergency.
When a call comes in they don’t always know what they are going to face when they get there. That is why they try to be ready for any and all needs. Isn’t it wonderful to know that all we have to do is dial 911 and help will be on the way? Not just anyone, however, good hard-working trained men and women. Just to know they are there makes me sleep better at night. I wish I knew that none of us would ever need them, but we all know better than that.
I don’t care if two churches and a taco place is all we have in Simpsonville, I love it here and would not trade it for any other place.
The wind is super high today. The wind chimes are going crazy. I went out to hang a new bottle of hummingbird water and I could smell smoke. I looked all around and didn’t see any smoke or fire. Someone must be burning something in this high wind.
I know there are children who don’t mind their parents, but they are young and uneducated. I really don’t know what to think of adults who just keep on setting fires during the high wind when they have been told not to do it thousands of times and they are not deaf and they just keep on keeping on. Just saying.
I received a sweet letter from my dear friend, Bonnie Shrum Jones, who just celebrated her 94th birthday last Friday. I met her by mail through my Simpsonville News. It is a small world. I knew her mother when she lived in Gilmer. Congratulations, on your birthday and we pray you had a wonderful day. Bonnie told me she had recently fallen and had several injuries. She is slowly showing improvement daily. Please pray for her.


Thank God for the nice cool rain. We really needed it. The garden is smiling now. The potatoes are already blooming and Bill ate his first mess of potatoes May 1. That means the little potatoes will start growing. We are getting onions and radishes and potatoes for now.
The mules are so happy. They came to the corral and had thick mud caked all over them. No more flies to bother them for a while. Amazing what a good mud bath can do.
Just a day or two before they were rolling in the dirt and dust was flying everywhere. They like the mud because it will stick to them. It is a little cool right now. They say it will get to 75 before the end of the day. Coat one day and short sleeves the next. I love Texas.
I received the nicest letter or card from one of my friends up the road. She had a beautiful picture of herself enclosed. The cards she draws and paints herself. She stated this is a picture of the artist of all my beautiful hand painted cards. Not that I could ever forget what she looks like but it is so good to have the picture for life. Thank you Joyce Payne for thinking of me. I do love letters from my many friends. I wish they could all live next door.
The Simpsonville VFD has been very busy. Taking many calls, training, and just keeping everything in running order. Sometimes that can be a real job. We appreciate the community for not starting wild fires in all this high wind.
Some people think that just a little rain shower can get it so you can burn again. It takes a pretty good rain to wet everything. If you do get a small shower and want to burn, then do it in early morning when the grass is still wet. Most of us are old enough and smart enough to know when not to burn. Just use your brain when you do get a rain. That is what they call a brain storm!
I have never eaten collards. However Bill bought about five or six plants that said they were cabbage by the stake in the plants. However I do believe now that they are big plants and beautiful big large bluish leaves that we now have collards.
It is almost funny. Some plants we bought said it was broccoli plants and they weren’t. I guess they just got them mixed up so you get what you get sometimes.
We have squash plants that we bought and they have little squash and look good and healthy. However we planted seeds and when the plants came up, they are not growing well and look like they have had hot water poured on them. They look wilted for some reason. Bill hasn’t figured that one out yet. Now to wait around and see if they ever make squash. Only time will tell.
Bill stated he was not going to plant purple hull peas for the deer to eat. Well he couldn’t stand it. He went ahead and planted four rows of peas yesterday. I guess that is another just wait and see. Just saying!
Well, the only business in Simpsonville is the little taco place. They are open for business on weekends. They have very good food other than tacos if you ask them. If you are tired or just don’t feel like cooking that is the place to go. Great service and always greeted with a smile. It is run by Simpsonville residents. No strangers here, just good food and fellowship.
We still have people that are dealing with health issues and need to be added to your prayer list. Names are not needed, for God knows who they are.
Have a blessed week, and smile — smiles are contagious so spread them around.

Hey everyone! Here is a chance to get you some good home baked desserts without the labor. The Simpsonville VFD ladies Auxiliary will be holding a “bake sale” on Saturday, May 14 from noon until 2 p.m. This will be at the fire department at FM 556 and FM 2088.
All donations and monies taken in will go towards the purchase of a new AED machine (automated external defibrillator) for the Simpsonville VFD EMR (emergency medical responders). The new AED’s can cost more than a thousand dollars. The Auxiliary would appreciate any and all donations towards this worthy cause.
They will also have a class on how to properly use a fire extinguisher and have the big trucks out for all the little children (and big kids) to explore. Bring the whole family or some of your neighbors.
Bake anything that your heart desires. Just bring it to the sale with you. We need all the help that we can get. Bring anything that you can bake in your oven.
Like, pies, cakes, cookies, or maybe you would like to bring some fresh baked bread. We are hoping to have a donation/sale out. So bring your pocket book and your baked goodies. Come join the fun. You will be glad you did and so will we. Be sure and bring your sweet tooth.
Please come and support your local volunteer fire department.
With all this wonderful rain, I don’t have to tell you how good the garden is looking. I pray the wild animals stay out. It would break my heart to see the garden messed up after all the hard work and time that Bill has put into it.
He takes much pride in his work. Now that his old plow mule (Kate) passed away he has to use his old garden tractor. He would rather have old Kate, however I guess God needed a mule to get his garden done. He knew Kate was the best.
Someone called last week and said they wanted to buy two mules. I said Bill do you have any mules that you would sale. He looked at me like I was crazy and said not hardly! We only have seven mules and one Jackass. Those mules are his pride and joy.
They don’t just stand around in the pasture. Each one is trained for whatever Bill wants them for. Two of them are saddle mules and all seven can pull the covered wagon. He wants his girls to look pretty so he keeps their hair cut and combed.
Everyone has their hobbies, and the animals are Bill’s. As long as Bill is happy, then Tommie is happy.
Stupidity, ignorance where do you draw the line when it comes to people and telephones?
I called someone this last week and when they answered the phone they sound like they were down in a well. I said how are you? They said okay. I said you sound like you are in a well. They said, oh, I am in the bathroom at work. I said oh my god I will call you later. They said, okay.
Now back in the day before cell phones I don’t remember having a wall phone or telephone table in our bathroom. What is wrong with letting it ring and call them back later. After all everyone has caller ID now days.
You can wash your hands when you are through with the bathroom. But don’t you know their phone was clean after that.
What is wrong with people that they will almost kill themselves running to the phone when it rings, or rip their clothes trying to get it out of their pocket? What is this world coming too? You tell me!
We have had a little rain, however the wind is still blowing too much to safely burn. Watch your weather channel and please don’t burn when you know better. Use your brain and pray for more rain when you need to burn. One little shower does not get the grass wet enough to build fires. Please whatever you do, play it safe.


We have had some good rains lately. I don’t know how many inches of rain we got here because the rain gauge blew over and we didn’t notice it until later. I don’t guess it matters as long as we can keep things alive. I listened to the rain slowly coming down all night last night. Rain is such a pleasant sound. However, I do not like thunder and lightning.
Bill just put out more fertilizer on the garden hoping it would rain as they said it would. He said at this point I will either have the most burned garden or it will rain and growth should pick up. We now have broccoli, green tomatoes, radishes, onions, potatoes and English peas, which we will be having for supper tonight. It doesn’t get much better than fresh produce.
Have you looked at the fresh corn on the cob at the grocery store? The last account that I had it was fifty cents an ear. That would be like eating gold in my book. It is a shame how you have to change your grocery list each time due to the fact they are just about out of everything. You just get as close to the item as you can that you wanted.
Sometimes we have to get a much bigger bottle than we want or a smaller bottle and have to buy two or three. We’re just lucky that we can still find things on the shelves with so much being held up at the ports and the fact no one is shipping due to circumstances. God help us all if things don’t began to pick up.
I hate to even bring it up, but I wonder just how long we can get to work and back if gas prices get any higher. I never thought I would have to say this but Bill’s mules and wagon are starting to look better all the time. We may have to start a mule pool just to get to work. I wish I was joking, but time will tell.
You would think someone with a little power could step up and get something done before people not only lose everything they have worked for all their lives but just give up and as the old saying goes, throw in the towel.
I pray we can each have the strength to hang onto the towel until our Nation can take in a fresh breath of air and let freedom ring. God bless each and everyone of you and “God Bless The USA.”
The Simpsonville VFD Auxiliary held their bake sale last Saturday. There were lots of good homemade deserts of all kinds. I hope you found just what you were looking for. There was a good turnout of on lookers and items were going fast. If you missed this sale for whatever reason you will have to check out the next one.
The Auxiliary is doing lots of good works for the VFD. We appreciate all our many volunteers, no matter what their job. I takes all of us working together to make a whole. You can help out if you are not already one of our volunteers you can become one just by letting us know you are interested in serving your community.
I don’t guess any of you have noticed the abandoned construction site that was going on at U.S. 271 between Bettie and Gilmer. I don’t get why they start on site then pull out to another before that one is finished. I have personally seen semi trucks hit their yellow cones. Have you noticed the number of cones that have been flattened?
There has to be a lot of truck and car damage not to mention the monetary amount on the company’s loss. They have probably lost more on cones than what the cost would have been just to have gone ahead and finished and got on out of the way. What a mess they have presented.
I was always taught , even as a small child that if you start something finish it as soon as you can. Not a week, month, or year down the road. And don’t start something else until you are done with your first project. I don’t know who is responsible for the eye sore mess that they have caused. If it is the Highway Department, HELP!


I hate to say it but, this is the last news for May. June is creeping up on us. I don’t have to tell you that June is the middle of the year. Time definitely has wings. It just keeps on flying by.
The only time it goes slow is when your working, like digging potatoes and you are trying to get to the other end it goes pretty slow (especially when it is hot).
It is funny how if your dreading a doctor’s appointment it comes fast. If you are lucky enough to ever get to go on vacation then it takes forever to get here, however ends real quick. So it really depends on what we are doing. Or maybe your mind set. It does matter.
Most of us just go with the flow and don’t pay it a lot of attention. I just wake up each morning and say thank you God for another day. Not really caring what month it is. The weather has been plenty hot this week. It should keep anybody from wanting to go to hell.
We all know that Memorial Day is coming up and everyone likes to cookout in the back yard on a grill. Just remember grilling naked in your back yard is the best way to get your neighbor to pay for a privacy fence. Just saying!
I just went out and watered some of my flowers and trees. It is so hot that I thought I was going to melt. The humidity is awful. I don’t know how anything plants or animals can live in this heat.
If you have animals at all even chickens, make sure they have fresh water. And always check on any elderly that you know that may live alone and need to stay cool. Some time people are ashamed to tell you how bad it really is. So it is better to go in person if you can. It is easy to get over heated even in the house.
Did you ever think the air didn’t feel cool in the house? Then when you went outside and came back in it felt like an icebox. That is when it is hotter than hot. With June, July and August coming up we might as well get ready for hot.
Some people tell me that they never watch the local news because of all the bad news going on in the world. Things are getting worse all the time.
However, sticking your head in the sand is not going to help. Everybody and everyone needs to stay alert and be on top of things. I don’t know about you but I don’t want anything sneaking up on me.
What I don’t understand is all these people that are still going overseas and bringing back all these bad diseases. When will it stop. Shots here and shots there everywhere you look there is a new vaccine for something.
I am glad I don’t have little children that I would have to make that decision for. It is bad enough to make the choices for yourself.
I had a young man who works in a local store tell me that he had two small children to raise. He said he could actually double his pay by going to this other employment, however they make it mandatory to have the covid test. He stated I haven’t taken the covid shot and I am not going too. This is what I am talking about when it comes to making the right decision. Was the young man right? It is not for me to judge. Only time will tell if any of us has made the right decisions. Let’s just pray that God can take our hand and lead us through all this unforeseen future.
Last weekend Donna Carter, my sister from Tyler and Bill and I enjoyed the day out shopping at a flea market, eating out and many other fun things. It was so good to spend time with loved ones. We laughed all day. With Gas as high as it is we like to keep it a little close to home. It was almost to hot at the time to enjoy any of it that was outside. We didn’t let the heat stop us. A lot of what we did was indoors.
The Simpsonville VFD held a well attended meeting last Thursday night.


Potatoes and more potatoes.
Every year Bill says, “I am not going to plant this many potatoes next year“. He was planting 100 pounds for years. I finally got him to drop it to 50.
Now he says he thinks he just might drop it to 25 pounds next year. I sure hope so. It is not when you’re trying to get them to eat that you realize you have too many for two people. It is when you are trying to get them dug out of the ground and picked up and there is no help within 100 miles.
I can surely see why. He loves to dig them up and play in the dirt. He will say ,“Look at this big one. I am like I can’t see it for the sweat in my eyes, and I am staggering around like a drunk.
Boy, time has changed as far as work goes. It takes a lot of prayer and strength to accomplish what we used to do in a few minutes, now takes hours. And then you have the marks to show for it. He is like a child in a candy store.
Nature is a wonderful thing to appreciate and enjoy. While some folks like to go on a cruise, Bill would rather cruise the garden and see what might be ready. When we were in the dairy business folks would ask, “Do you and bill ever go on a trip” I would say, “Yes to the barn and back.”
That was the truth. Bill use to be a hard-working young man. Now he is a hard- working old man. I love him more with each passing day. I thank God everyday that he has let Bill and I share these 40-plus years together. I wouldn’t change a thing if I could. God sure knows his business, and I would rather work for Him than anyone else I know of. There is no end to His rewards.
There sure are a lot of new stores and fast food places coming to Gilmer. Oh yes and banks. With gas prices and groceries as high as they are we don’t need the banks we already have access to. If you are like me you don’t have enough money to worry about where they are going to build two or three new banks. Just saying?
It is sad to see the USA get in the shape it is getting into. Who would think that mothers couldn’t get the milk they need to feed their babies. If I were young I would probably put having a baby on hold.
There is just too much depression and stress out there and believe you me if I had several children to feed, clothe, and take care of right now, I don’t know what I would do. I sure would not want my little child to suffer in this world any more than it had to because of me and my decisions.
It breaks my heart if I see a child unhappy, or worse sick, unclean or hungry. We need to always give a lot of thought to things before we jump right in there and then say, “What was I thinking?” You need to think first, not after the fact. Call on God to help you decide on things in question. I hate the word depression and I wish it didn’t exist, but it does.
My lilies are starting to bloom. I have this one hybrid that is very bright yellow with supper big bloom that I dearly love. I planted it in 1985 when we moved here.
Don’t ask me why but I planted it at the back of the house. I tried several times to move some of it to the front and every time the dog would dig it up. It would be dead when I found it. That is about all an outside dog is fit for is to dig holes.
I finally realized it was just them trying to stay cool. Can’t blame them for that. You can give them a swimming pool and they still dig holes. I sure don’t want any dog or cat in my house to scratch on furniture.
Can anyone tell me why they don’t have a farmers market in Gilmer anymore. I used to go to it out at the Yamboree building. You could go around 5 a.m. and be sold out in two hours no matter how much you had. So, there is a need for it, especially with food so high. I never did understand why they would stop something so good for the community.


Where did the rain go? We really needed it to hang around for a little while. The plants in the garden are starting to wilt. Garden, did I say garden? You probably won’t believe this unless you personally know Bill Crone. You know where we dug up the potatoes? Well, that land is now planted in purple hull top crop peas. Remember we already had four rows of peas planted. Lord let’s not have any plowed unused ground.
If there is an inch of dirt he has to drop a seed. It is almost funny until you start trying to pick everything. I don’t think people cook like they use to. They would rather go to the grocery store frozen ready made department or a fast- food place. That is ok if you can afford it. Nothing is cheap anymore. The amount of gas that we have put in our cars this week is unreal!
I don’t know what it is going to take for things to turn around. I may not want to know. I have heard the words, Democrat and Republican until I want to be sick. What ever happened to “We the People?” It doesn’t matter what party we claim to be. At the end of the day we all have to eat. It is so sad when we can’t all come together as one and really get serious about the problems we now face.
You can always blame someone else for all the problems, but we all need to keep our eyes and ears open as to what we may or may not do to help the problem. Yes, sometimes you can be placed in the right place at the right time in order to help make change for the good. We just have to be open- minded enough to do it. Everyone needs to work together whether at the White House or just here in the other states. We need to all pull together to make a train no matter who is in control.
The Simpsonville VFD is still working hard as they continue to answer lots of different calls. They are holding their regular meetings on Thursday night once a month. If you would like to become a volunteer fireman just let us know. We can always use a few more men and women. It is good to get out and help your community. It gives you a good feeling about yourself.
I have told you before that we need people in all departments. You don’t have to drive a truck or fight a fire to be a member. You just have the need to help others. The women who don’t fight fires can cook or donate door prizes and lots of other little things that are really needed to make everything work.
Come help out. You will be glad you did and we will be glad to show you whatever jobs are available. It will be fun and you will be richly blessed by doing it. We take much pride in our little community of Simpsonville and the surrounding area. You the people have made us what we are today and you have all done a good job by donating and helping out. Just keep up the good work and we will too. Together we stand.
I don’t want to brag too soon, but we haven’t seen any hogs or deer in a while. We really haven’t been looking for them. I pray they have moved it on down the road. They are supposed to cut and bale our hay this week. If they do it makes it a lot easier to see what is between here and the woods. The animals can’t hide so well then.
Our mules are doing fine. They are enjoying rolling in the dirt. They are fat, slick and pretty. Bill said they are just about ready for another hair cut. They do look a lot more sophisticated when they get it cut.
I know that dewberries are ripe, although I haven’t been out and about to see any. That is except for a few I have in the back yard. The vines are trying to grow in my flower bed. I don’t like that at all. However they sure are hard to get rid of.
Have a good week.


We are finally getting ripe tomatoes. That is one thing that Bill can put away. He loves fresh produce. He is patiently waiting on the purple hull peas which will be a while longer. He is so tired when he gets in from work.
However he always goes out and checks our garden. I thank God that he enjoys it like he does. We had a really good crop of broccoli and now the cabbage is just about ready. I tried to plant watermelon and cantaloupe, however it didn’t work so well. Bill didn’t want to plant either because he said the coyotes bite them while they are still green and make them rot. So he just said forget it.
My vines are blooming, but they are in tubs and I doubt they will ever have fruit. Only time will tell.
I used to help my grandfather in his garden when I was a child. He sold almost everything he grew in a road side brush arbor that he had made himself. It kept the sun off you but it still got hot. I sure learned a lot following him around in his footsteps.
I felt like he was one of the greatest men on earth. He was a proud veteran who had served his country well. He had the marks to show for it. He was gassed at one time during the war and it damaged his vocal cords. He could talk, however had several problems with his throat and had to constantly try clearing it very loudly.
God the price all those men and women had to pay. I cannot believe they will pay dope-headed football players millions of dollars to play a worthless game and can’t pay men and women decent wages when they lost limbs, had to be away from their families and many other sacrifices.
Even after getting paid millions they turn to drugs and other trash and never have to sacrifice a thing. Most of the time they even let them back into the game. I would hate to think that I had a child that looked up to the NFL and others. Then they wonder why anyone would have second thoughts about serving their country. God help us all. Some people just don’t have their priorities straight. I have thought about running for president, however I probably couldn’t beat Trump if I did decide to run!
We finally got a little rain. At this time We will take all the rain we can get. The garden was looking bad, however the little bit of water helped it perk back up. With the temps that we are having, there is not a whole lot that will be able to survive. We picked our first cabbage head. Now for some coleslaw. I guess I will just have to add fish, shrimp, hush puppies and French fries.
The Simpsonville VFD has been very busy as usual. It is still so dry that if you don’t have to do outdoor burning, please don’t. Most grasses have already gone to seed which makes plants dry and brown. If a fire was to get out it would burn fast. Just try to be as careful as you can.
Please everyone pay attention and don’t leave your children or pets in your hot car, not even for a minute. Be sure you have clean fresh water out for all pets. Especially chickens that have a tendency to spill their water. Use a water container that is heavy and won’t turn over if they step on the side of the pan.
Don’t forget to check on your neighbors and friends to make sure everyone is cool during this heat. They say next week it will get over 100 degrees.
They have finally come in to cut the hay. It sure helps the looks of the place when that grass is cut down. I am sure that they will be able to bale real soon. In this heat, maybe tomorrow.
I wanted to go fishing, however I can’t stand the heat. The big catfish are lucky today!


Dear me, the deer are back (or were they ever gone)? Sunday morning Bill looked out the kitchen window and said oh my come look at this. I ran to the window not knowing what I was looking for. There they were , not one but two deer in the peas, corn and tomatoes.
There sure won’t be much more to pick or gather with that going on. I used to think that deer were pretty. Now the beauty has begun to fade. It is still better than hogs. I don’t have a fear of deer. However just looking at wild hogs send a chill down my spine. I guess it is because I know what they are capable of.
I guess we might as well just try to enjoy what little produce that we did get before they came along.
On June 18, Bill and I celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary. Just a nice quiet day with the two of us enjoying each other’s company. When it gets to triple digits outside there is not a lot you can go outside and enjoy. It takes your breath away just going to the car.
Don’t you know that people have had to buy a lot of new tires with the asphalt as hot as it is. I really don’t know what people are going to do if gas prices don’t start coming down. It makes you wonder just how bad they are going to let it get before someone with brains can step up to the plate and just say, enough is enough.
Pray for our country and those that don’t seem to know how to run things. God is the answer. He is really the only one who can save us. The old saying goes, I guess he is giving man just enough rope to hang himself. This should be a wake up call to all of us. If not, it should be.
The Simpsonville VFD is working hard to stay on top of things in this heat. If you have any reason to be out and about in the heat make sure you drink plenty of water so you can stay well hydrated. Not drinking plenty of water can cause many other health problems.
Once you have a heat stroke or even heat exhaustion it can lead to death. Try to take care of yourselves. If you have any kind of animal that depends on you for fresh water and feed, make sure they have plenty. They can also die from not enough water.
We still don’t know what they are going to do with the Simpsonville store, if anything. We have seen the new owners working around and doing different types of work on the building. I hope the owners think of something good.
These are good people that own the store and they are no stranger to the community. They have family here in Simpsonville and their roots all run deep. We are so glad that someone would come in here and take an interest in the old store building, no matter what they do with it. I hate to see houses and buildings just sit empty and soon fall down.
Thursday evening Bill and I were visited by our granddaughter, Amber Sorrells and her family. I had to save Amber a head of my broccoli. She and I enjoyed it so much when she was a little girl. We haven’t planted any in several years. I know she will enjoy it. It was so good to see them.
We tried to share all the produce we had. We sure needed to get rid of some more potatoes. We have tried to sell potatoes with not much luck. They are so nice. I don’t know if people just don’t cook anymore or what. I sure would hate to see any of them go to waste, especially after I watched Bill dig them up in this heat.
Got to love him, however I still don’t know how he works so hard all the time. He is like the pink battery rabbit. He just keeps going and going. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life. God is great and he sure knows his business.
If you know anyone that is sick or is having problems in their life for any given reason please keep them on your mind and pray for them when you can. Have a blessed week!


Good-bye June, and hello July.
The corn field is brown and dead. Not one ear of corn. I just don’t get it. That is the second year in a row that we didn’t get one ear out of the whole field. It was bad enough for everything else to die, but I did want some fresh corn. The corn seed was almost $20 a pound. I would have liked to have gotten at least one ear for my $20.
Oh well, I guess that was the luck of the draw. I don’t recall ever being to lucky anyway. With the lottery they say you can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket. Well I am here to tell you that I bet you still wouldn’t be a winner if you bought one.
People are so desperate right now that they will try just about anything to try to improve their finances. What a shame. It is really heart breaking in some cases.
The old saying, (you might be a winner) then there is the old saying (you might not be a winner). That is just about how I feel about my corn. Oh well, at least we tried. Right now it is a little corny to even think about whether to plant corn next year or not.
I don’t know what it is about the weather but it is not the same as it used to be. I do believe the sun is a lot hotter. We used to fish and hunt in all kinds of weather and I don’t remember it ever getting so hot you couldn’t stay out in the sun. We just got under a shade tree and kept on fishing. I am sure that all of you already know that summer started June 21.
Someone told me the other day that they had finally got to go fishing and didn’t stay but a short while. They said they got a severe headache and even had nausea and vomiting. That is not a good sign. Stay inside when it is this hot if you can. Don’t push your luck!
If you do have to be outside for any reason, drink plenty of water. Keep your body well hydrated. With the temperatures in the triple digest you can dehydrate before you know it. If you ever get a headache go indoors.
We still have all of July and August to get through. God only knows what that will be like. Just take care of your pets, kids and neighbors. For God sake don’t leave kids or animals in a hot car!
I guess you are tired of me talking about the weather but for now it is one of our most important issues. I could mention the high price of gas, groceries and other things. I bet everyone already knew about that. This is all getting to be too much.
I don’t care if you are a Democrat or Republican someone needs to take charge that has sense enough to want things to get better before we all reach the bottom of our well.
Some wells have already went dry and people are actually hungry and can’t afford food, medicine and other things they need just to survive. I can’t believe we are all rolling downhill to rock bottom and all we get as a “nation under God” is one argument after another. They all seem to have the answer, however it is to the wrong question. God Bless America!
On a happier note, I did receive a clipping from a newspaper and a card with beautiful hand-painted iris flowers from my dear friends and neighbors, Joyce and Gerald Payne.
This lady can swing a paint brush almost as well as they can dance together. I do believe that rhythm is in their souls. Whether it is on their shoes or the tip of the brush. Joyce just has a way with old country paintings. Joyce said the iris was her mother’s favorite flower. I can see why.
Last Saturday was a good day for Bill and me. We celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary. We received a very large vase of long stem multi colored roses from the kids. Chris and Lana gave Bill a large drinking tumbler that Lana had designed herself with Bill, the wagon and mules on it for Father’s Day. Lunch was served to all.

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