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Wholesale prices surge 11.2% in March, highest level on record

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14 April 2022
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Wholesale prices surge 11.2% in March, highest level on record –Economists expected producer inflation to surge by 10.6% in March | 13 April 2022 | Wholesale prices surged again in March as strong consumer demand, pandemic-related supply-chain snarls and the war in Ukraine continued to fuel the highest inflation in decades. The Labor Department said Wednesday that its producer price index, which measures inflation at the wholesale level before it reaches consumers, surged 11.2% in March from the year-ago period. On a monthly basis, prices grew by 1.4% — an uptick from February, when the gauge increased by 0.9%.  
Inflation in US soars 8.5% in one year, highest since 1981 | 12 April 2022 | The consumer price index jumped 8.5% in March from 12 months earlier, according to the Labor Department — the biggest year-over-year increase since December 1981 and a larger increase than the 8.4% that analysts predicted. Since March of last year, food costs are up 8.8%, electricity is up 11.1% and gasoline is up 48%, driven up by supply chain issues, consumer demand and disruptions to global food and energy markets worsened by Russia’s war against Ukraine Biden’s march toward the Great Reset and his policies which are accelerating the destruction of the US from within. Month-to-month, the report showed inflation rose 1.2% from February to March, up from a 0.8% increase from January to February.  
Walgreens starts rationing baby formula as supply-chain crunch hits new parents – 29% of the top-selling formulas are out of stock at stores across the US –A recent study by Datasembly, a company that tracks retail records, revealed 29 percent of all top-selling formulas are out of stock at stores across the nation | 10 April 2022 | A national shortage of baby formula brought on by pandemic-related supply-chain issues has forced US retailers such as Walgreens to ration the all-important product. The company – the second-largest pharmacy store chain in the United States behind CVS – said Friday that amid the supply-chain crunch, it is limiting customers to three infant and toddler formula product purchases at a time, at its 9,021 US locations. A company spokesperson told DailyMail dot com that the restrictions, already in effect, stem from an “increased demand and various supplier issues,” as it was revealed that 29 percent of all top-selling formulas are out of stock at stores across the nation.
CDC extending travel mask mandate 15 more days –The CDC is extending its mask mandate despite protests from airlines | 13 April 2022 | The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will extend its travel mask mandate for 15 more days despite protests from airlines. Joe Biden’s administration had previously extended the federal mask mandate to April 18 in early March. Airline CEOS united in calling on Biden to end the mandate on March 24, but to no avail. Biden’s CDC is making the extension due to a recent increase in COVID-19 cases in the U.S.
20 Federal ‘Assets’ Embedded at Capitol on Jan. 6, Court Filing Says | 13 April 2022 | At least 20 FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives “assets” were embedded around the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, a defense attorney wrote in a court filing on April 12. The disclosure was made in a motion seeking to dismiss seditious conspiracy and obstruction charges against 10 Oath Keepers defendants in one of the most prominent Jan. 6 criminal cases. David W. Fischer, attorney for Thomas E. Caldwell of Berryville, Virginia, filed a 41-page motion to dismiss four counts on behalf of all Oath Keepers case defendants before U.S. District Judge Amit P. Mehta in Washington, D.C.
Artillery and helicopters among $800 million in new military assistance for Ukraine approved by Biden | 13 April 2022 | In anticipation of a new Russian offensive in eastern Ukraine, Joe Biden on Wednesday approved an 800 million package of military assistance, including additional helicopters and the first provision of American artillery. The Ukrainians also will receive armored personnel carriers, armored Humvees, naval drone vessels used in coastal defense, and gear and equipment used to protect soldiers in chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological attacks. It is the latest in a series of U.S. security assistance packages valued at a combined 2.6 billion that has been committed to Ukraine since Feb. 24. Biden is under pressure from members of both parties in Congress to expand and accelerate U.S. aid.
Is It Possible to Actually Know What Has Been and Is Going On in Ukraine? By Boyd D. Cathey | 2 April 2022 | (Opinion) Russia-Ukraine conflict – everything you have to know in detail… On 17 February, President [sic] Joe Biden announced that Russia would attack Ukraine in the next few days. How did he know this? It is a mystery. But since the 16th, the artillery shelling of the population of Donbass had increased dramatically, as the daily reports of the OSCE observers show. Naturally, neither the media, nor the European Union, nor NATO, nor any Western government reacted or intervened. It would be said later that this was Russian disinformation. In fact, it seems that the European Union and some countries have deliberately kept silent about the massacre of the Donbass population, knowing that this would provoke a Russian intervention. At the same time, there were reports of sabotage in the Donbass. On 18 January, Donbass fighters intercepted saboteurs, who spoke Polish and were equipped with Western equipment and who were seeking to create chemical incidents in Gorlivka. They could have been CIA mercenaries, led or “advised” by Americans and composed of Ukrainian or European fighters, to carry out sabotage actions in the Donbass Republics. In fact, as early as February 16, Joe Biden knew that the Ukrainians had begun intense shelling the civilian population of Donbass, forcing Vladimir Putin to make a difficult choice: to help Donbass militarily and create an international problem, or to stand by and watch the Russian-speaking people of Donbass being crushed.
Ukraine Losing Decisively By Paul Craig Roberts | 12 April 2022 | (Opinion) No useful information about Ukraine can be obtained from Western media. The Russian military operates without the need of news releases, so little information is provided… It is necessary to understand that there has been no Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russian troops are operating only in eastern and southern Ukraine. The troops served the purpose of preventing a large Ukrainian army, now encircled and trapped, from conquering the two Donbass Russian republics recently recognized by Russia after an eight-year delay. The other task assigned to the Russian troops is to exterminate the neo-Nazi Azov militia that has committed atrocities against the Donbass Russians. The process has gone slowly, because the fighting is mainly in Donbass, which is populated by Russians, and the Kremlin wants to rescue the people, not kill them.
Biden admin sets off alarms over possibility medical staff for veterans could be pulled to treat illegal migrants | 13 April 2022 | More than 50 House Republicans Wednesday are pressing Customs and Border Protection (CBP) over the possibility it may use Veterans Affairs (VA) medical personnel to stem an expected migrant border surge. The letter comes a little over a month before the May 23 end date for the Title 42 policy — a Trump-era public health order that allows for the expulsion of most migrants entering the U.S. because of COVID-19. After Joe Biden announced earlier this month he would end the order, fears grew over a potential surge of migrants to the southern border as a result. Fox News reported shortly before Biden’s announcement that CBP was considering the idea to have VA personnel assist in taking care of the migrants. The letter, addressed to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, stated that any consideration of moving VA medical personnel to the border would be “deeply troubling.” “Moving VA medical staff away from our veteran’s healthcare needs to examine illegal immigrants is a recipe for disaster,” the letter said. “Wait times for a veteran to see their doctor can average 22 days and reach as high as 42 days. This is unacceptable mismanagement of federal government resources by the Biden administration.”  
First Texas bus drops off migrants blocks from U.S. Capitol in D.C. | 13 April 2022 | A bus from Texas arrived in Washington, D.C., Wednesday morning, transporting dozens of illegal immigrants as part of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s new plan to counter federal immigration policies during an ongoing border crisis. Abbott announced last week that he was directing the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) to transport migrants released from federal custody in Texas to the nation’s capital and other locations outside his state. The bus pulled up at approximately 8 a.m. local time, blocks away from the U.S. Capitol building.  
Biden approval rating tumbles to lowest point of his presidency – poll –Only 26% of Independents approve of Biden’s job performance | 13 April 2022 | Joe Biden’s approval rating has reached the lowest level of his presidency [sic], with a new poll showing only a third of Americans approve of his job performance. Just 33% of Americans approve of Biden’s job performance compared to 54% who disapprove, according to the results of a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday. That mark ties the lowest approval Biden has received in the poll during his precedency, matching the number set in January when the president faced a 33-53 approval deficit… Independents also indicated disapproval of Biden’s performance, with 56% saying they disapprove compared to 26% who like how Biden is doing.  
New York Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin resigns after arrest in campaign finance scheme | 12 April 2022 | Embattled Lieutenant Gov. Brian Benjamin resigned Tuesday evening just hours after he was indicted by federal prosecutors in Manhattan on a five corruption-related charges that alleged he attempted to trade a state grant for campaign contributions. “I have accepted Brian Benjamin’s resignation effective immediately. While the legal process plays out, it is clear to both of us that he cannot continue to serve as Lieutenant Governor,” Gov. Kathy Hochul said. Hochul — who picked Benjamin as her running mate last year — announced his departure after spending much of the day dodging questions about his arrest Tuesday morning.
New York Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin arrested in campaign finance scheme | 12 April 2022 | New York Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin surrendered to federal authorities Tuesday morning to face bribery conspiracy charges tied to an alleged campaign finance scheme that dates back to his days as a state senator. Benjamin, who Gov. Kathy Hochul chose in August as her No. 2 and running mate for this year’s election, is accused of funneling phony campaign contributions to his unsuccessful city comptroller campaign, in a scheme that a top prosecutor called “plain and simple” bribery. During a press conference, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Damian Williams labeled Benjamin’s actions “a simple story of corruption.”
NYC subway shooting suspect charged with one federal count of terrorism | 13 April 2022 | The suspect in the New York subway mass shooting has been charged with one federal count of terrorism, the Department of Justice announced Wednesday. Frank James, 62, was arrested Wednesday afternoon in connection to a mass shooting on a subway in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, officials said. During rush hour Tuesday morning, the suspect [allegedly] detonated two smoke grenades and opened fire as a Manhattan-bound N train pulled into the 36th Street subway station in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn.
Revealed: NYC subway shooting suspect Frank James posted unhinged race-obsessed YouTube clips warning of his intentions and hatred for Mayor Eric Adams –James remains at-large despite a multi-state hunt for him that also involves the FBI –He was known to the bureau and was on a terrorist watchlist after an incident in New Mexico in 2019 –James pulled out a gas mask on the northbound N train in Brooklyn yesterday then released a smoke bomb –He then opened fire with a handgun, shooting ten people, before somehow managing to flee –The surveillance cameras inside the station were not working which has hampered efforts to find him | 13 April 2022 | The race-obsessed suspect in Tuesday’s horror shooting on the New York City subway posted a terrifying YouTube warning that he was driving from his home in Wisconsin and would “never be back again alive” three weeks before unleashing terror during rush hour. Frank James, 62, remains on the run on Wednesday morning 24 hours after allegedly opening fire on a packed northbound N train as it approached 36th Street station in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. On Wednesday morning, Mayor Eric Adams officially named James as a suspect – upgrading him from “person of interest.” …It has emerged that he was known to the FBI and was questioned in 2019 in New Mexico though it is not yet clear why. He was cleared but was entered into the state’s “Guardian Lead” system. The Guardian Program is the bureau’s terrorist threat and suspicious incident tracking system. Despite being on that list, James was unimpeded as he relentlessly uploaded hate-speech-filled clips on YouTube about how oppressed black people were and how black and white people should have “no contact,” for weeks before Tuesday’s attack.
Brooklyn subway shooting – person of interest identified | 12 April 2022 | New York City authorities have identified Frank R. James as a person of interest in connection with a shooting at a Brooklyn subway station Tuesday morning. Police said James has addresses in Wisconsin and Philadelphia. His possible ties to New York City weren’t immediately clear. “We are looking to determine if he has any connection to the attack,” NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig said. A 50,000 r-ward is being offered for information regarding the shooting.
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