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Paving the Way for Peace on Earth: Ending Political Corruption is Step One

Los Angeles, CA, January 26, 2022 — In The Trial of George W. Bush: A Novel, author Terry Jastrow explores two unsettling questions: Should a president of the United States be able to wage an illegal war against another country with impunity? And if so, doesn’t this guarantee more wars in the future?


“If the leadership of a country is left unchecked and unchallenged by its citizenry, then the opportunity for calamity and the possibility of criminal activity will exist and persist,” Jastrow writes, adding that advocating for measures that would promote international peace was his motivation for writing the book.


Set during a politically tumultuous period several years after the Iraq War, The Trial of George W. Bush masterfully reimagines a world in which our 43rd president is accused of war crimes and forced to stand trial at the International Criminal Court.


Of the importance and timeliness of a novel about former President George W. Bush, Jastrow states, “Most people are aware of the damage caused by the Iraq War: millions of people wounded or killed, trillions of dollars spent, and Americas reputation and standing in the world tarnishedbut if we don’t examine our mistakes of the past, we are liable to repeat them in the future.”


The story follows events that emerged after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America that veered the U.S. military off course to Iraq instead of searching for Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda in Iran. Backed by extensive research and literary skill, Jastrow brilliantly weaves the historical with the fictional, fusing facts and political figures with a creative license that makes imagined events seem credible.


Captured on a Scotland golf course and transported to The Hague, Bush faces life in prison if found guilty. Impassioned prosecutors and seasoned defense lawyers lead a slew of witnesses, including former Bush administration officials and a female Iraqi blogger, who provide eyewitness testimony that fills the courtroom with controversy and unexpected revelation. Steeped in suspense, The Trial of George W. Bush poses the question: can a president mislead a nation into war with impunity, or will the world step up and snuff out political corruption?


With a message advocating the path to peace on earth by holding political leaders accountable, The Trial of George W. Bush is essential reading for understanding why we cannot repeat the mistakes of the past.


About the Author

Terry Jastrow is a published author, successful screenwriter, produced playwright and seven-time Emmy Award-winning television producer/director, having been nominated 17 times. Jastrow is currently writing his next novel. Both his screenplay Good Luck, Mr. Anthony and stage play Jane Fonda’s War are currently being considered for production in both New York City and Los Angeles. Jastrow and his wife, actress Anne Archer, live in Southern California.


The Trial of George W. Bush: A Novel

Publisher: Square One

ISBN-10: ‎ 0757005063

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0757005060

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  1. Robert Landbeck on January 28, 2022 at 5:30 am

    Step one will never be accomplished. Because there remains a moral, spiritual corruption embeddded within human nature itself. Limitations enforced by the evolutionary, materialist paradigm of the human condition. Revealed religion was intended to hold a solution to this conundrum. But as religion is an all too human ‘theological’ construct, nothing has been revealed. And no solution exists.

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