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Ready or not

SUNDAY March 31, 2024

“To be prepared is half the victory.”

Miguel De Cervantes

Here we are finally at Eclipse Week! The Upper East Side of Texas is expecting thousands of visitors to see the Great Eclipse on April 8 and to experience other fun things to do in the days leading up to it. It’s a great economic boost opportunity and hopefully, people who’ve never been here before will like it so much they’ll make plans to come back again.

These last few weeks I’ve observed lots of conversations about this event. As a planner myself, I appreciate all the suggestions for getting groceries early, preparing for traffic jams, etc. To others, those words seem to trigger “panic” and they don’t appreciate it.

No one knows exactly how our region will be impacted by the influx of traffic but “better safe than sorry” seems like the better way to go. What does it hurt to make sure your gas tank is full? To me it’s like being warned of bad weather that may or may not happen. Making sure all our devices are charged and an emergency plan is in place is not being in a panic — it’s just good common sense to be ready to ride out the chaos should it arrive.

To our visitors from all over the country, welcome to our world — pull up a front row seat and enjoy. — P.A. Geddie


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The Fredonia Hotel opened in historic downtown Nacogdoches to much fanfare on April 1, 1955. Its stylish mid-century architecture made it an automatic landmark. After struggling to survive in the 1980s and undergoing several management changes, the hotel was shuttered for years, until an investor brought it back to life with extensive remodeling and and a re-opening in 2017. READ MORE

April in Paris

The second largest Paris in the world doesn’t officially share the same tag line as its “City of Love” sister city in France, but even so, expect a lovely time in Paris, Texas. Radio personality Paul Harvey once said it is a city “where tomorrow fell in love with yesterday, and side by side, they lived happily ever after.” READ MORE.



Happy Birthday Lois Towles Caesar

Lois Towles Caesar was an African-American concert pianist, music professor, and fashion model. Born April 4, 1912, in Texarkana, she later obtained a degree at Wiley College in Marshall in 1933, and then studied at Julliard School of Music in New York. Her musical accomplishments took her to Nashville, California, and France. She became one of the first internationally-known Black models in the world of high fashion and she was a founding patron of the Texarkana Symphony Orchestra. READ MORE 


Celebrating Carroll Shelby

Two new celebrations take place in April for the legendary Carroll Shelby who was born in Leesburg between Winnsboro and Pittsburg in East Texas on January 11, 1923. He died May 10, 2012, at the age of 89 and is buried in Leesburg Cemetery. He lived his life by his mantra, “Yesterday’s history, tomorrow’s a mystery, so live for today.”

First becoming famous as a race car driver he then designed one of the most famous American performance race cars, the Shelby Cobra sports car, as well as versions of the Chrysler Viper, and the ever-popular Ford Mustang.

Check out more information on an ongoing exhibition in McKinney, a gathering of Shelbys, Cobras, and Fords there on April 20, and a special dinner, car show, and chili cook-off taking place in Pittsburg April 27. READ MORE


Amanda Kate Ferris Wins Texas Vocalist Award

Amanda Kate Ferris won New Female Vocalist of the Year at the 14th Annual Texas Regional Radio Music Awards (TRRMA) show in Arlington at Texas Live last week (March 25). TRRMA recognizes Texas/Red Dirt artists/entertainers and radio for their accomplishments and sacrifices in the Texas/Red Dirt Music Scene. The Texas Regional Radio chart and database are used to determine nominations. The artist recently released a new single “Are You a Real Cowboy,” and performs in Texas in the coming months. Photo by Eli Viloria. READ MORE


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