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Pornhub SHUTS DOWN In Texas


Pornhub had a meltdown after Attorney General Ken Paxton sued them, enforcing the recently passed HB 1181 which requires pornography companies to have a reasonable age verification mechanism to stop children from being on their sites. Britain, one of the most socially liberal countries in the world, has officially banned puberty blockers. Socially transitioning children in Texas still remains a major issue.

PornHub Has Meltdown Over Age Verification

Aylo Global was sued by the state the Texas Attorney Generals office after a failure to implement an age verification method. Aylo global is one of the largest pornography distributors in the world and own companies like Pornhub. Pornhub shut down their entire website as a result of this lawsuit and put out a long message to call your legislator and have them allow children to watch porn. It is very telling that Pornhub shut down their entire operation in Texas after we told them that we won’t allow children to be on their website. This is a major win for Texas and a win for families!

Puberty Blockers Have Been BANNED From the UK

The UK, one of the most socially liberal countries in the world, has taken a huge step and banned puberty blockers. Puberty blockers halt children from going through puberty with the intent of allowing them to “change genders” easier when becoming adults. These puberty blockers could permanently alter a child’s development and have a lot of “potentially” negative effects. Texas already banned “gender affirming care” with SB 14 but if the UK could do it, why can’t the US ban it at the federal level. Texas Family Project President Brady Gray stated, “It’s frankly embarrassing that Britain figured this out before America.”

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Texas Needs To Put An End To Socially Transitioning Children

Texas took a huge step forward last legislative session in banning sex change surgeries and “gender-affirming care” for minors. The fight to protect children from this tragedy still isn’t over. With a new slate of legislators which seem to be a lot more pro-family than the last we could put an end to socially transitioning children. If parents don’t want to put their children in a dress or address their child with a new, opposite gender name they get their rights taken. We must call on our representatives in the House, Senate, and Governors office to have this as a priority going into next session.
For Families, 

Brady Gray,

President Texas Family Project

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