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Five steps to getting your insurance claim paid


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Tips for getting your insurance claim paid:

  • Make your claim. Submit your claim, along with photos and videos of all damage, to your insurance company or someone else’s company. Start by telephone or email—or go online or use a company app. Keep receipts for all your expenses.
  • Answer questions. The insurance company will ask follow-up questions. Answer fully and quickly. You might see an adjuster in person. If you do, get their name, phone number, and email address to have handy. Take notes on every communication.
  • Be aware of deadlines. Your company has 15 business days to say it’s received your claim. It has 15 more days after getting all the information it needs to decide if it’ll pay. If your claim is rejected, the company must say why in writing. If your claim is with someone else’s company, that company doesn’t have the same time limits, but should treat you fairly.
  • Choose a contractor. You may take your car to any repair shop. If you’re choosing a contractor, get bids from several. Don’t sign any contract with blank spaces. Don’t pay in full up front.
  • Get paid. If you’re using your own insurance, your company will subtract your deductible from your claim payment. You owe the deductible to the contractor or repair shop. Once an insurer agrees to pay, it has five business days to get at least part of the payment to you. If your claim is with someone else’s company, there’s not a time limit, but it should try to make a prompt and fair settlement.

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