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JIM ‘PAPPY’ MOORE: Biden’s Border Disaster

By Jim “Pappy” Moore

The situation on the Texas Border is Biden’s most damaging failure for Texas and for all of America. He has encouraged and rewarded an invasion of over ten million illegal immigrants in three years, and spent billions upon billions giving them cash and benefits he denies us. He has not enforced the laws and the constitutional duties to keep invaders out of the country. Citizens from over 100 countries – some of them hostile to the USA – have crossed the border into Texas. Biden claims that he needs congress to pass a bill that would allegedly fix the border problems, but that’s a lie. Please indulge me while I rely upon on old Texas axiom: “Don’t piss down my back and tell it’s raining.”

Biden has the gall to tell Americans all he needs is some new laws and more money to stop the massive invasion by illegals on the Southern border. He’s the only U.S. president to encourage illegal immigrants to cross the border and soak up the Biden cash you can’t get to help you pay for food, and clothes, and lodging, and medical care. While veterans and social security retirees get a kick in the teeth, the good life goes to illegals crossing the border.

America has had a rich tradition of inflowing foreigners who want to come here, who want to make a home here, who want to become American citizens. Many, many Latinos from the countries south of us have become American citizens who have some of the strongest values in Texas and the country. They are hard-working people who strengthened us. 

The same is true for a host of immigrants from Asian countries: Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, India, Philippines, among others. And from European countries: Poland, Greece, Italy, Ireland, and many others. We have been one of the most welcoming countries in the world. People want to come here to make a better life for themselves and their families. They appreciate what America is.

We are seeing something never before seen in immigrants, legal or illegal: arrogance, anger, hostility, and dislike for America as a people. These new people are here to get easy money and benefits, not to exalt the country. Not to be a part of us, but to be above us.

You will never find harder working American people than those who come from Africa. Nigeria, Senegal, Togo, among others, are as diligent and dedicated as anyone you have ever known in business and professions. They take pride in owning and running businesses of every type.

The Latinos, Asians, Africans, and Europeans who have come here before do not care for this onslaught of Biden voters. Those prior immigrants are hard workers who have made great sacrifices to carve out their piece of America. They blend with Americans and adopt many American ways. Football, baseball, basketball. They establish stores where many people will not do so, and they serve our minority communities well. We are stronger and better with them and their families. We are enriched by their cultures. 

How do we get out of this mess? How do we right the ship that is sinking? We must each of us demand of politicians at all levels to stop the invasions, to stop the aiding and abetting of this massive criminal enterprise being run on one side of the border by the Mexican cartels, and on this side of the Border by Biden and his co-conspirators in government entities. At federal, state and local levels Biden’s cohorts help in this horrid invasion of people who have earned no right to be here.

Demand that your politicians make a public pledge to stop the invasion and its funding by our government at all levels. Whether they are Democrat or Republican, vote them out of office if they cannot do their duty to protect us and our border from this hostile invasion. Take a stand. Make it your number one issue. Do not back down. Do not accept excuses. Biden and everyone working for him must be fired. They have opened the flood gates and created this disaster.

Copyright 2024, Jim “Pappy” Moore. All rights reserved. 



  1. Fred Nicholas on March 17, 2024 at 3:52 pm

    Couldn’t agree with you more Jim. We welcome those who bring hard work and enterprise with them but we do not need lazy entitled dissenters into this country.

    • Jim "Pappy" Moore on March 25, 2024 at 2:45 pm

      Thanks, Fred!

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