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Statement from Attorney General Ken Paxton on Court of Criminal Appeals Victory

Austin, TX – Attorney General Ken Paxton issued the following statement regarding the victory of endorsed judges, David Schenck, Gina Parker, and Lee Finley, in the Court of Criminal Appeals.

“Tonight, Texans have spoken loud and clear. The victory of Judges David Schenck, Gina Parker, and Lee Finley, endorsed by my office, marks a significant moment in our state’s legal history. It sends a powerful message that Texans demand judges who prioritize the Constitution and uphold the rule of law.

Let me be clear: This victory is not just about political labels; it’s about safeguarding our democratic principles. Activist judges have no place on our courts, and tonight’s results reflect the will of the people.

To those who would seek to obstruct justice or undermine our laws, know this: The people of Texas will not tolerate it. Your days of judicial activism are numbered, and Texans are ready to hold you accountable.

This win is a mandate for justice. We will begin the crucial work of rebuilding our Court of Criminal Appeals, restoring integrity to our legal system, and ensuring that every Texan’s voice is heard and respected” said Paxton.

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