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Kilgore College Phi Theta Kappa inducts 143 new members

The Gamma Omicron Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society at Kilgore College installed 143 new members during a ceremony Feb. 28 on the Kilgore campus.

During the induction ceremony, PTK honored individuals with inaugural Distinguished Service Awards for their exceptional support in bolstering PTK’s success.

Receiving Distinguished Service Awards were Brandon Walker, KC’s dean of dual credit (and a former PTK advisor); and Stacie Ervin, KC administrative assistant.

“Dean Walker stood out as a wellspring of wisdom and inspiration,” said Kate Yglesias, KC PTK Co-Sponsor. “His dedication propelled the revitalization of PTK programs, notably reinstating the Trunk-or-Treat event following COVID restrictions, fostering community spirit within PTK and beyond.”

Yglesias said that Ervin’s tireless dedication as a staff member earned her the recognition by her consistent support – regardless of time or day — exemplifying her commitment to PTK’s success.

“Stacie’s warmth and hospitality bind the PTK community together, making her an indispensable asset,” said Curtis Ivory, KC PTK Co-Sponsor.

PTK’s student president for the 2023-24 school year is Gabby Rivera, of Longview.

“I am delighted to reflect on a truly remarkable year filled with achievement and growth. Our journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, witnessing the organization flourish under our collective efforts,” Rivera said. “It has been a privilege to witness the dedication and resilience of each individual within PTK. I am profoundly grateful to have been part of such a phenomenal journey, showcasing the incredible impact we can make while enjoying ourselves along the way.”

PTK is the international honor society for two-year colleges, and includes more than two million students and 1,200 chapters at community colleges worldwide. More than 85,000 students are inducted annually.

The organization promotes leadership, scholarship, service and fellowship.

Membership is open to any student who has earned 12 semester hours and has a grade point average of 3.5 or better on a 4.0 scale.

Sponsors of KC’s Gamma Omicron Chapter of PTK are Kate Yglesias, government instructor; and Curtis Ivory, biology instructor.

For more information, contact Yglesias at

Or visit the official Phi Theta Kappa website at


Spring 2024 inductees:

Apple Springs, TX: Haylee Ritter

Arp, TX: Shannon Arrington

Austin, TX: Emma Sheneman

Austin, TX: Elizabeth Shymkiw

Bacliff, TX: Justin Harmon

Big Sandy, TX: Daphnie Blavier

Big Sandy, TX: Kiley Dobbs

Bonham, TX: Jeffrey Jones

Brenham, TX: Jacob Burnum

Caldwell, TX: Darci Wielenga

College Station, TX: Jordan Reynolds

Cooper, TX: Scott Morgan

Cushing, TX: Lily Hathorn

Dallas, TX: Howard Armstrong

Dallas, TX: Lauren Nix

Diana, TX: Benjamin Hoppenreijs

Diana, TX: Cheryl Moore

Flower Mound, TX: Holly Stewart

Fort Worth, TX: Mylani Davis

Galveston, TX: Tyler Garza

Gilmer, TX: Brenda Beal

Gilmer, TX: Zachary Bouis

Gilmer, TX: Ian Jordon

Gilmer, TX: Carly Navarro

Gilmer, TX: Ava Wightman

Gladewater, TX: Mikka Allen

Gladewater, TX: Preslye Lacy

Gladewater, TX: Jaydan McPherson

Gladewater, TX: Nidhi Patel

Gladewater, TX: Kaylee Payne

Gladewater, TX: Sydney Pritchett

Gladewater, TX: Emily Reynolds

Gladewater, TX: Faith Woodall

Gladewater, TX: Grace Woodall

Hallsville, TX: Ashley Gunter

Hallsville, TX: Diamond Love

Hallsville, TX: Bianca Schwindt

Harleton, TX: Alexis Allums

Harleton, TX: Emily Smith

Henderson, TX: Madeline Dixon

Henderson, TX: Anastasia Flesher

Henderson, TX: Summer Golembeck

Henderson, TX: Joe Herrera

Henderson, TX: Anahi Morales

Henderson, TX: Avi Patel

Henderson, TX: Kaitlyn Pruner

Henderson, TX: Jillian Silkwood

Henderson, TX: Robert Taliaferro

Henderson, TX: Mia Tamez

Henderson, TX: Kaitlynn Temple

Henderson, TX: Latisha Watson

Kilgore, TX: Angie Alexander

Kilgore, TX: Caitlin Boatman

Kilgore, TX: Staci Boyd

Kilgore, TX: Jadyn Canright

Kilgore, TX: Valente Cedillo

Kilgore, TX: Alec Childers

Kilgore, TX: Marlaina Epps

Kilgore, TX: Makayla Fleming

Kilgore, TX: Flor Garcia

Kilgore, TX: Sophie Gee

Kilgore, TX: Mackenzie Harrison

Kilgore, TX: Ryan Holly

Kilgore, TX: Robert Huggins

Kilgore, TX: Connor Loveless

Kilgore, TX: Sarah Mann

Kilgore, TX: Yesenia Pineda

Kilgore, TX: Azriel Sosa

Kilgore, TX: Truleigh Trosclair

Kilgore, TX: Blake Urena

Klein, TX: Kennedy Landor

Lago Vista, TX: Sarah Oliver

Longview, TX: Madison Anderson

Longview, TX: Genisis Armstrong

Longview, TX: Cassandra Barron

Longview, TX: Markeiya Beall

Longview, TX: Bly Caraway

Longview, TX: Madison Caudill

Longview, TX: Stephany Collins

Longview, TX: Mallory Crabtree

Longview, TX: Steven Davis

Longview, TX: Yoselin Delapaz

Longview, TX: Samantha Dickson

Longview, TX: Samantha Foster

Longview, TX: Ian Gage

Longview, TX: Vanessa Garcia

Longview, TX: Alanee Gonzales

Longview, TX: Marlandon Gordon

Longview, TX: Cortney Gorham

Longview, TX: Adyson Gray

Longview, TX: Juan Gurrola

Longview, TX: Devin Hawkins

Longview, TX: Ayana Lilly

Longview, TX: Richard Marks

Longview, TX: Althea Milmont

Longview, TX: Tyson Mitchell

Longview, TX: Angelina Ochoa

Longview, TX: Triana Olivan

Longview, TX: Michael Orr

Longview, TX: George Polk

Longview, TX: Kent Prescott

Longview, TX: Gabrielle Rivera

Longview, TX: Andrew Rolland

Longview, TX: Jameisha Rosborough

Longview, TX: Kaj Sellers

Longview, TX: Dania Shalabi

Longview, TX: Kayden Shepherd

Longview, TX: Kennedi Simmons

Longview, TX: Christen Sparrow

Longview, TX: Kelly Staggs

Longview, TX: Stephen Thomas

Longview, TX: Georgie Wardlaw

Longview, TX: Nickolette Wilgus

Longview, TX: Mary Woolverton

Manor, TX: Amber Cummings

Marshall, TX: Josie Bibb

Marshall, TX: Kari Evans

Marshall, TX: Connor Noble

Marshall, TX: Xitlali Rojas

Marshall, TX: Yatzyry Vazquez

McAllen, TX: Andrew Khachikian

Mount Pleasant, TX: Leandra Bryson

Nederland, TX: William Lambert

New London, TX: Natalia Mata

New London, TX: Michaela Ott

Overton, TX: Noah Haffner

Overton, TX: Carson McCarthy

Overton, TX: Gabriela Ramirez

Overton, TX: Marietta Smith

Overton, TX: Noemy Sotelo-Munoz

Tatum, TX: Trinity Edwards

Temple, TX: Hayley Mullins

Troup, TX: Summer Fowler

Troup, TX: Skylar King

Tyler, TX: Samuel Cook

Universal City, TX: Jose Arenas

Vivian, LA: Justin Dominick

White Oak, TX: Landon Caraway

White Oak, TX: Jessica Jester

White Oak, TX: Anne Perri

White Oak, TX: Kaleb Sorgee

Whitehouse, TX: Ashley Singley

Wylie, TX: Jacob Blake




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