It Is All About Control

A natural desire for many humans is to reduce other’s freedoms by dominating and controlling them.

Our wise Founders, to overcome this human flaw, designed a balanced three-part system of government, each with a check on the other. But disliking this limitation, however, presidents such as Woodrow Wilson, Roosevelt, and then LBJ bi passed it, preferring instead to dominate and control all Americans.

Following their lead since then, Democrats have focused on destroying our freedoms day by day, year by year.

Democrats who control the media and most of our cultural institutions now openly say that the Constitution is outdated and work daily on subverting it. Given the opportunity to win in November, they will pack the Supreme Court to control it and the laws that govern us all.


It began in earnest early on with political correctness. Nice Americans, mainly Republicans and almost always Christians, tolerated this to get along. After all, it was not that much of an inconvenience. But the underlying motive of Democrats was always to control us.

They begin by trying to disrupt the fundamental values and beliefs that we hold dear. Illustrative of this is legislating gay marriage, which is impossible on its face.

They followed with many other means of control:

They took advantage of the golden opportunity provided by COVID-19 to see how far they could push the public. As it turned out, lockdowns, masks, and distancing proved to be totally unnecessary. But was helpful to them in assessing their ability to control Americans.

They eliminated incandescent light bulbs, mandated electric cars, and low-flow toilets and shower heads, and are now coming for your dishwashers and gas stoves.

In Harris County (Houston) a Democrat election official in the previous election failed to send out tens of thousands of necessary ballots to heavily Republican areas so as to help Democrat candidates. Being the party of trial lawyers they knew it could not be proven how and whom would have voted if they had had ballots.

They require us to put up with addressing citizens with one of thirty pronouns.

They allow men to call themselves women and compete with them in high school and college sports, sharing bathrooms and locker rooms. The men, of course, usually win easily as they have more upper body strength and muscle mass than most women, although women are biologically more vital and live longer.

Their teacher’s union members condition young children to believe something is wrong with them if they do not acknowledge they may be another sex. All without parental supervision. They follow this conditioning by allowing doctors to do sex change surgeries on them. Likely destroying their lives. What about “doing no harm”?

And now Joe Biden and Barrack Obama with his crew behind the scenes, are accelerating this totalitarian process to cement their control. They are in their end game.

They force their vision of unproven climate change with its high cost as a totally unquestioned benefit to control all of us; after all, who can be against a better earth?

They legalized marijuana to damage the brains of users and increase their passivity so they can be more easily controlled to vote for them.

They expanded their control by imposing DEI on corporations with their “woke” culture, insisting that equity is superior to merit. They ignored our wise founders who had designed a system of laws creating a fair, competitive environment harnessing man’s competitive desire to achieve excellence based on merit. Our free enterprise system using this system has made America the great country it is.

They have spent trillions of dollars creating grateful voters to implement this drive for control.

And after forgiving student loans and being overruled by the Supreme Court, they simply did it again.

They allow an open border to communicate to all that there is not one America anymore. Their goal is for the millions coming in to give them grateful illegal votes, making Texas and other states blue and winning every presidential election from here on out. Their goal is to create sham elections, the same as in Communist countries.

And in all this violence is their friend.

Since the beginning, protecting its citizens has been Governments primary responsibility. So chaos is a friend of totalitarians, making each citizen look to the government for protection.

Which gives Democrats in government more control. Defunding the police and releasing criminals immediately after arrest helps this process along. And it can benefit them on November 5. Fearing violence when going to the polls, nice, freedom-loving voters might be intimidated into staying home or voting for Democrats to avoid the threat of continual violence and chaos if Democrats are not allowed to prevail. With everything being chaotic, voters might welcome a move to a promised pause in the chaos by those in control.

But after going along with this and Americans realize they have lost their freedoms, it will be too late. We will have become a totalitarian state. Our freedoms will be no more.

Let’s stop this in its tracks on November 5. Republicans, Christians, and right-thinking Democrats and Independents, make yourself and your friends aware of what is happening. And vote against all Democrats.

Vern Wuensche 

Vern Wuensche’s opinion pieces have appeared in USA Today and other newspapers. He is a small town Texas farm boy with an MBA and CPA who founded and continuously ran Houston’s oldest residential construction company for forty-three years. He is a lifelong active Republican, a Christian, a veteran, and an early marathoner who ran for President in 2008 and 2012.

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