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Wil Chevalier releases ‘The Intersection of Racism & Redemption’

New book highlights one man’s struggle with race, identity, faith, and reconciliation in a society gone mad


LAGUNA HILLS, Calif. – Wil Chevalier contends that American culture is grappling with the historically divisive issue of racism, asserting that many fail to comprehend the profound pain inherent in its dynamics due to its nuanced nature. He reframes the narrative around racism, emphasizing it as a struggle between good and evil rather than a simple Black versus White dichotomy. Chevalier extends an invitation to readers to delve into this intricate subject by dissecting it into smaller components to explore the intersection of racism and redemption.


In his book, “The Intersection of Racism & Redemption” (published by WestBow Press), Chevalier recounts his encounters with racism, providing insights from his upbringing as a Creole in Houston’s Frenchtown and later experiences in Southern California. Infused with his cultural heritage, the narrative sheds light on aspects that eluded him for a significant part of his life. Initially fixated on the negative impacts of segregation under Jim Crow laws, Chevalier’s perspectives evolved through a confluence of experiences, including being born into a multiethnic family, serving in the Vietnam War, residing in the Philippines for over 12 years, and ministering in more than 30 countries across six continents. The book incorporates an extensive narrative of his family history to offer readers a contextual understanding of America’s struggles with racism.


Chevalier underscores that the book’s focus is not on slavery itself but on its impact on his formative years. He emphasizes personal transformation in thoughts and actions as his greatest contribution to racial reconciliation, eschewing advocacy and relying less on governmental solutions for this complex issue. While aligning with Martin Luther King Jr.’s sentiment that laws cannot compel love but can prevent violence, Chevalier advocates for self-reflection and personal change.


When asked about the takeaway from his book, Chevalier emphasizes that his story does not comprehensively address America’s historical legacy but powerfully reaffirms the potency of forgiveness and reconciliation in restoring connections. Amidst ongoing injustices, he hopes his narrative resonates with readers of all backgrounds, not just people of color. Drawing from his life experiences, Chevalier aspires to inspire a profound respect for humanity, viewing all individuals as created in God’s image. He suggests that embracing Jesus Christ’s teachings fosters true equality and unity, envisioning a hopeful world where people of all colors coexist peacefully. Ultimately, he wishes that his book becomes a guiding light, leading people towards the path of peace and unity rather than dwelling in the realms of darkness and despair.


“The Intersection of Racism & Redemption”

By Wil Chevalier

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 188 pages | ISBN 9798385005871

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 188 pages | ISBN 9798385005864

E-Book | 188 pages | ISBN 9798385005888

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author


Wil Chevalier, co-founder and executive director of LifeBranch Institute International, spearheads a nonprofit dedicated to Christian leadership development and marriage enrichment. Armed with an M.A. from BIOLA University, an MDiv from Asian Theological Seminary, and a DMin from Trinity Seminary, Chevalier’s academic journey extends to postgraduate studies in Manila. His professional background includes managerial roles at Pacific Telephone and AT&T before embracing ministry. Certified in mediation by Dispute Resolution Services (DRS), he also holds Crisis Response Specialist certification from the International Board of Christian Counselors. Engaged in diverse training programs, he was part of the Orange County Task Force for Promise Keepers’ Ethnic and Denominational Reconciliation (1995-1997). A committed member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and the International Press Association, Chevalier, along with his wife Jacquie, collaborates at LifeBranch conferences, sharing over 30 years of expertise in conflict management, communication, and marriage/family issues at international venues. Their impactful presentations span the United States, Asia, Africa, New Zealand, Cuba, Mexico, Central America, Haiti, and Ukraine.


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