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Top Bar Hive Class

Top Bar Hives are a less stressful way to keep bees.  A class teaching about Top Bar Hives will be held on March 2 in Brenham, Texas.

A class teaching the use of Top Bar Bee Hives is being offered on March 2 at the 14th Annual Beginners Beekeeping School in Brenham.  Top Bar Bee Hives are an alternate home for managing bees.

Top Bar Hives are a natural way of raising bees without all the traditional equipment and without lifting heavy honey supers.  They allow the beekeeper to harvest comb honey and eliminate the need to purchase additional equipment.

The class will start at 8 a.m. and be taught by Brandon Fehrenkamp.  He is the owner of Austin Bees and specializes in Top Bar Hives, bee removals and bee consulting.  The subject matter will include beginning beekeeping methods, the history of the Top Bar Hive, advantages of this type of hive and basic care of the bees.


A Bar-B-Q meal is included with the school.  Other types of beekeeping will also be taught in other classes and approximately 40 vendors will be present if you would like to purchase beekeeping equipment.

You can register for the class by going to

For more information, call 979-277-0411.

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