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Two new Scholars in Honors Northeast

new scholars

February 1, 2024

Pictured: (from left) Dierflinger, Yox and Rodriguez. 

By: Dr. Andrew Yox, Honors Director

After making outstanding contributions to campus life at NTCC in the classroom and out, two new scholars have entered the ranks of Honors Northeast, NTCC’s campus-wide honors program, this spring. Sarah Dierflinger (left), a Social Work Major from Winnsboro, and Michael Rodriguez, an agriculture major from Marietta, both joined other honors students recently in their first honors event, a free day-trip to Dallas.

Both have compiled winsome GPAs at NTCC. In addition, each has been a catalytic presence on campus.  Dierflinger has worked in the bookstore, and served on taskgroups with other students in Alpha Mu Chi, Sigma Kappa Delta, the Business club, and the Monday Bible discussion circle that meets in H102. She is the winner of the Beau Brummell Woodman of the World Scholarship. Rodriguez was the one non-honors student who became a mainstay in the honors film this last summer on the traveling preachers of early Texas.  In the upcoming premiere on 23 February, he has a major role as William Stevenson, the dean of the preachers who broke the “pine-tree curtain” of secular Texas in the 1830s. He is also currently the president of the Agriculture Club, a participant in Psi Beta, a member like Sarah in Phi Theta Kappa, and the secretary of the Design Club, a group he helped found.

“When I think of them both,” noted Dr. Yox, the word, ‘constructive’ comes to mind. Sarah and Michael are amazing team players, who have done much to vivify the scene at NTCC.”

Both have had significant life experiences.  Sarah was born in Lancaster, California and has raised three children while becoming something of an expert in cultivating chickens. Rodriguez was born in El Salvador.  He has served the college as a Spanish tutor, and has worked as a clerk in the Luckey Law Firm.  Sarah is married to Everette, who also attends NTCC, and Michael is the son of Manuel, and Wendy Rodriguez.

Honors Northeast is now accepting applications for the 2024-25 school year. 1 March is the deadline for obtaining an optimal scholarship. The program confers institutional and private scholarships, as well as many other amenities. High school seniors, homeschoolers in transition, parents, and students with less than 30 hours at NTCC are welcome to contact Dr. Andrew P. Yox, Honors Director, at, and/or apply through the honors website: <>.







“The faculty members are so nice and encouraging. They really care about their students being successful.”   — Brandon Pettey, 2016 Grad

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