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Boom & Bucket Launches Advanced AI-Powered Search and Discovery Assistant for Enhanced Equipment Purchasing

Austin, TX – January 30, 2024

Boom & Bucket, revolutionizing the digital heavy equipment market, unveils its groundbreaking AI-powered Search and Discovery platform. This proprietary game-changing technology is the first in the industry to understand natural language inputs, transforming how customers find and purchase used heavy equipment online.

Innovative AI Technology Tailored for Equipment Search

The AI-Powered Search by Boom & Bucket allows customers to describe their equipment needs in their own words, ask questions, and receive immediate, accurate, and relevant search results. This breakthrough in technology aligns with Boom & Bucket’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, streamlining the equipment discovery process and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Key Features of the AI-Powered Search Tool:

Natural Language Understanding: The tool’s advanced AI comprehends user queries in everyday language, making the searches intuitive and user-friendly.

Comprehensive Inventory Access: With the ability to sift through Boom & Bucket’s extensive inventory, the tool efficiently matches users with the exact equipment they need.

Extended Search Capabilities: Understanding the need for comprehensive solutions, our tool can suggest alternative sources or contacts for equipment not currently available on the Boom & Bucket platform.

Tailored Recommendations: By leveraging user preferences and interaction history, the AI tool provides personalized search results, offering more relevant and targeted equipment options.

A New Era in Heavy Equipment Sourcing

“We’ve all been there—bouncing from site to site, juggling dozens of filters, with 35 tabs open, trying to compare apples to kiwis across multiple platforms. It’s a real hassle,” stated Dalton Kane, Head of Growth at Boom & Bucket. “Our goal at Boom & Bucket has always been to simplify the buying process, making it fast, easy, and trustworthy. That’s where our AI search engine comes in. It’s a true game-changer. Now, you can search in your own words, based on what’s important to you. It understands your language, answers your questions, all in one place. We’re committed to cutting through the complexity, enhancing transparency and simplicity. After all, finding the right machine for your business shouldn’t be this complicated.”

This AI innovation is in line with Boom & Bucket’s ongoing commitment to excellence, evident in services like Powerhouse Protection, comprehensive warranties, detailed inspections, flexible financing options, and white-glove shipping solutions.


The AI-Powered Search tool is now live on the Boom & Bucket website, transforming the way you find and select heavy equipment. This state-of-the-art tool provides an unparalleled experience, simplifying and refining the search process for our customers.

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About Boom & Bucket

Boom & Bucket is the premier digital dealer in the heavy equipment market, transforming the way professionals buy and sell used machinery. Our platform, driven by pioneering technology and a commitment to customer satisfaction, simplifies and enriches the equipment trading experience. We are a team of industry experts dedicated to building a modern, trustworthy marketplace, making Boom & Bucket the ultimate destination for all your heavy equipment needs.

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