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Strong Borders Newsletter 1/26 – Governor Abbott Defies Federal Government


On Wednesday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott released a statement outlining the State of Texas’ right to secure the Texas Border in response to a 5-4 Supreme Court ruling allowing Border Patrol agents to resume destruction of border barriers installed by the state.

Since then, 25 Republican Governors have signed a letter outlining their solidarity with the State of Texas in its fight with the federal government over the authority to secure its international border with Mexico.

It remains to be seen how long Abbott will stand in defiance and how this conflict may escalate, but this is a positive development and every Texan should encourage our Governor to remain steadfast and to begin using his full constitutional authority to return apprehended illegal aliens to Mexico.

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Texas DPS Personnel Deny Access to Border Patrol Personnel (Photo Credit Griff Jenkins, Fox News)
On Friday evening, the Department of Homeland Security finally released its Nationwide Encounters numbers from December 2023, and to no one’s surprise, last month broke an all-time record for Nationwide Encounters, with 371,036 in a single month.

Importantly, these numbers do not count gotaways, those illegal aliens who were not apprehended and processed by Customs and Border Protection. With over 1.6 MILLION encounters since August, the invasion at our border is worse than ever.

Despite a seasonal slowing typical in January, illegal crossings will continue to trend upwards until those wishing to come here illegally are given the message that they cannot expect to turn themselves in to Border Patrol and then be released with a court date years into the future.

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