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Independent Living Services for People with Disabilities

Crockett Resource Center for Independent Living’s (CRCIL) Independent Living (IL) Services Program helps people with disabilities achieve greater independence in the home and community. Eligibility criteria for this program requires that the applicant has a significant disability who has been diagnosed by a licensed practitioner and resides in Texas.

If you are a person with a hearing or communication disability and need services or assistive technology to maintain your independent living, you could be eligible for the following:

Hearing devices

Cochlear implant components

Assistive devices such as but not limited to:

Alarms Doorbell

Speech generating device Watch/Clock

Mic/Amplification system FM system (Frequency Modulation)


CRCIL’s IL Services Program area includes the counties of:

If you are a person with a disability who is interested in the IL Services Program, contact CRCIL at 936-544-0522 for more information.

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