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By James A. Marples
“Why would anyone want to be a governor or president these days ?”

The states are currently in a woeful condition fiscally, and no governor wants to get blamed for the mess, the fact remains that we need good, effective leadership.

I believe we need a few good statesmen instead of wild herds of vain politicians.

After looking it up, I see Governor Greg Abbott draws a salary of $153,750 per year as governor of Texas.  President Joe Biden receives a salary of about $400,000 a year, plus office expenses, free postal franking and the biggest “perk”, free transportation in the famed aircraft Air Force One and Marine One. I always scratch my head in disbelief when candidates spend millions and millions for campaign ads, balloons and billboards — which don’t produce an ounce of good after Election Day ends.

Sadly, too often campaign money donors (generally lobbyists) have their palms extended outward to the winner, hinting for a little something in return.

Politicians always will be the beholden beggar. Real statesmen will have the courage to base their decisions “for the good of the people.” They can stand tall without their character being impugned or sullied.

When I was younger, I once dreamed of being in public service.  In fact, one of my former university instructors at Wichita State University was former Kansas Governor John W. Carlin. He had just exited the Governor’s job in January 1987 and he was MY professor by that August.. I feel any  political official represents more than just people, more than just votes. He or she represents the land and the traditions of that land.

I wish there wasn’t so much name-calling, back-biting, graft, collusion, and scandals —both State and national.  With that type of atmosphere, it is difficult to return public service to the noble profession it once was.

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