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Thierry Tchenko launches his Rural Bill of Rights because rural communities have been left behind and need a voice in Texas

Jan. 19th, 2024

FORT STOCKTON, Texas – Our state and federal government places corporate profits above the needs of rural communities.

Today, Thierry Tchenko is unveiling his Rural Bill of Rights which outlines 11 basic rights that should be guaranteed for every rural community, both in Texas and throughout the nation.

These include ending the threat of private confiscation of family land, fully funding our public schools, eliminating unprocessed food deserts, among other issues.

“Rural Texas is the lifeblood of our economy. Without them, we don’t have food on our table, gas in our trucks, or products on our shelves. Yet for too long they have been written off in the name of corporate profits. That needs to end,” says Thierry Tchenko who has long centered his race for the U.S. Senate on the needs of Rural Texans.

This isn’t a partisan problem. Both parties have failed our rural communities. That needs to end now.

This Rural Bill of Rights aims to do just that.

Let’s once again celebrate these communities that have done so much to keep Texas and America thriving.

Learn more about Thierry’s Rural Bill of Rights at


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