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Quinn Minute – Under the weather

By Rix Quinn

     Yesterday I head somebody ask, “Why is it so cold?” it’s cold because it is winter.

     If it were hot, we would worry that there’s a hole in the ozone layer. But the ozone layer is invisible, so it would be really hard to find the hole.

     For winter amusement, many people ski. That’s fun if you like to go downhill really fast. I don’t ski, because I am going downhill fast enough already.

     In icy weather, it’s unwise to water ski. Not only is it hard to stay up, but falling on a frozen lake is quite painful.

     Yes, cold weather can be brutal, but just think how tough winter was B.C. (before central heating). Houses got so cold at night, folks invented windows just so they could close them.

     And think about long winter travel before cars. What if your wagon wheel fell off? What if your horse ran away?

     Or what if you got stuck outside in the snow, and you couldn’t get cell service so you could watch a winter movie?

     I’m convinced winter is like a bad date. It’s cold, it’s unpleasant, and it seems like it lasts forever.

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