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For Votes Now Democrats Ignore the Future

By Vern Wuensche

Democrats selfishly focus only on what works for themselves now—never what works for all Americans later on.


But they are elected to deliver long run results, not just results for now.

Our election process is partly at fault, although it is still the best in the world. Its short run focus on the next election allows winning candidates to remain in office almost forever. Most immediately upon being elected began raising funds for the next election.


Term limits, which eighty percent of Americans support, could quickly solve this problem. Members of the House should be limited to three terms, and members of the Senate should be limited to two. That would cause each of them, with each vote, to consider how they would be evaluated by their neighbors and friends when they return home after that short time in office.


The governing Articles of Confederation included Term limits, which preceded our current Constitution. The Founders left them out because they could not conceive of anyone wanting to spend more time than necessary in our nation’s capitol—which was a fetid swamp at the time. Today that has changed. Now, those in Congress and thousands of highly paid government workers live there in the most affluent area of America. Democrats and lawyers there love their unaccountable, easy government work with its many additional perks.


And speaking of lawyers, another result of the short run mindset is the election of so many Democrat trial lawyers. They have all been trained in the short run thinking implicit in the legal structure of a courtroom. There, the short run interest of winning a case is paramount. If there they too learn to lie to the judge, jury, and their own client, and get away with it, they will later use these harmful habits when making decisions as our “leaders”.


There is also a difference in how Democrat and Republican lawyers make decisions. Using their short run habits, Democrat trial lawyers focus on taking property immediately. Republican lawyers, on the other hand, are trained to protect property over the long term through contracts and other means.


And when you compare trial lawyers with business people—not corporate bureaucrats—the difference continues further. Since the purpose of any business is to obtain and retain a customer, to survive, a person in business must focus on the long run, even if that may involve some unpleasant and money-losing sacrifices today. This fact is especially true for the survival of small business owners, who usually provide better products and services than large ones. And with their long run habits, those in business naturally make better leaders when elected to office.


Considering all this, Democrat Presidents and representatives focus almost always on the short run and have done so for decades. For evidence, look at Joe Biden’s decisions:


He allows an invasion of illegal migrants from all over the world to obtain their grateful votes, placing all Americans at risk from fentanyl and terrorists.

Upon becoming President, he attempted to show up Trump in some strange way by immediately exiting Afghanistan, losing thirteen of our servicemen and fifty billion dollars of equipment.


He immediately spends untold billions on social programs to win votes, creating long-term dependency and inflation.


To get student votes, he eliminated hundreds of billions of dollars of their loans while beginning a pattern of ignoring the Supreme Court, which ruled it unconstitutional.


He is mishandling two wars, providing only the minimum support to create a stalemate where anyone with a modicum of military experience knows that a well considered decision to enter a war is best quickly won with immediate overwhelming force.


His decisions involve lying constantly. Using lies to achieve a short run benefit is simply the worst of all short run habits. Sooner or later, one doing so must pay the piper.


President Biden’s involvement in his son’s multimillion-dollar corruption schemes allowed him and his family a long luxury lifestyle at the expense of simply being an honest President. Although not cognitively fit for the job of President, he knows now that he now must stay in the race to be able to pardon his son’s likely conviction for his crimes.


He exchanged convicted arms dealer Viktor Bout for WNBA star Brittney Griner with Russia, at which point Russia immediately imprisoned Wall Street Journal Evan Gershkovich. He sacrificed the long run security of Americans for an immediate photo op.


One could go on.


The best solution to all this is to defeat Biden or his replacement on November 5, 2024. And then pass term limits and elect more businessmen and fewer trial lawyers to public office to build a greater America.

Vern Wuensche 

Vern Wuensche’s opinion pieces have appeared in USA Today and other newspapers. He is a small town Texas farm boy with an MBA and CPA who founded and continuously ran Houston’s oldest residential construction company for forty-three years. He is a lifelong active Republican, a Christian, a veteran, and an early marathoner who ran for President in 2008 and 2012.

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