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Texans for Strong Borders: ‘Illegal Aliens Given VIP Treatment At Airports’


Illegal aliens are being given preferential treatment at airports. A recent video of illegal aliens at an airport surfaced, showing them getting priority boarding. Flights are filling up from people trying to travel back home for Christmas, and airlines have put them aside to accommodate illegal aliens. They were identified by the bags and paperwork that were given to them at border processing centers. This isn’t a new issue: this has been happening at airports across the country since at least 2022. Reports have shown that many of them are being flown farther into the interior of our country.

December is on pace to eclipse November in illegal border crossings. This past week we had the single-day record high for illegal alien encounters with 14,000+ coming through the southwest border. In the first 17 days of November there were 130,000 crossings and in December that number was 167,000. The surge through the Texas Border has not slowed down one bit — it’s only increased.
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Colony Ridge is being sued by the federal government for predatory business practices. In the lawsuit the federal government claimed that Colony Ridge was using predatory advertising practices such as claiming there were utilities and sewage included on the properties and saying flooding wasn’t an issue (both claims are untrue). They also use predatory lending practices like advertising almost exclusively in Spanish, speaking to potential buyers in Spanish, but doing the paperwork in English so they don’t know exactly what they’re signing up for. There are also claims that they don’t properly ID future residents, which would account for the tens of thousands of illegal aliens allegedly residing in Colony Ridge.

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For Texas,

Chris Russo

President, Texans for Strong Borders

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