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Winter Whispers

SUNDAY December 17, 2023

“Make your own sunshine.”

The sturdy evergreen pines of the Upper East Side of Texas teach us that even in winter we can continue to thrive, albeit at a slower pace. The winter solstice arrives this Thursday, December 21, marking the shortest day of the year. That is followed by a slow increase of sunlight each day headed towards spring. In the meantime, we have a winter in Texas to make memories!

The impact of seasonal changes on our well being is real. It affects some more than others but knowing it’s a time for slowing down and planning accordingly can help make wintering quite meaningful.

There’s no better time for gathering around cozy fires with others or enjoying the many species of birds and other amazing creatures more visible through bare trees.

Planning some entertaining activities at home or out and about in the restaurants, music venues, art galleries, and performance halls around the Upper East Side of Texas gives us something to look forward to, a key ingredient in creating our own “sunshine.”

A change of scene soaking up the ambiance in the region of our quaint small towns and country cabin getaways is quite therapeutic.

May winter’s gifts fill our lives with joyful memories and heartfelt gratitude.

— P.A. Geddie

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“Winter Whispers,” by Sharon Grimes. See more by this talented Longview artist at
Ring billed gull on Lake Fork. Photo by Lisa Hilbers.

Feathered Visitors Bring Spectacular Shows

Each year as the weather starts to cool here in the Upper East Side of Texas, it’s still a whole lot warmer than the northern parts of the United States and into Canada. That’s where many of the “snowbirds” come from that migrate through this part of the world on their way to the warm coastline of the state. Some even choose to stay here all winter and save themselves the extra miles. Some stay a little longer like the eagles — they often build their nests in the region and become more active and therefore visible in the winter.

Photographer Lisa Hilbers of Wood County beautifully captures these birds each year as they make themselves at home in the region. SEE MORE


Afternoon Concert Offered on New Year’s Eve

Those reluctant to be out and about after dark on New Year’s Eve can find a fun and meaningful alternative at Winnsboro Center for the Arts. A celebratory daytime New Year’s Eve concert gathering is scheduled there at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, December 31, with doors opening at 2 p.m. Featuring hometown folkies Adler & Hearne on the art center’s Bowery Stage, the concert is partially underwritten by the Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA). READ MORE

“Starry Night Express,” by David Tripp.

Unwrap Treasures in Palestine, Texas

Palestine, Texas is a historic destination offering a memorable holiday experience for visitors of all ages. Embark on a journey to some of the most unique spaces in a town bustling with excitement and Christmas spirit, making it one of “Texas’ Top Travel Destinations.”

Guests can wear their PJ’s all day as they explore all the festive activities, including the Polar Express Train Ride™, The Grinch’s Lair immersive experience, and holiday shopping in revitalized and captivating spaces. This must-stop destination list is curated to take visitors back in time to experience the vintage charm and rich history of this amazing city during the Christmas holiday. READ MORE



By Odalys Adame

a spring meadow is a common sight

here in the smallest town of delights

hidden between the cracks of daylight

lies the precious jewels of life

years of spring and summer I’ve seen

and not a single one without blues and greens

the smell of citrus fills the air

from the wildflowers that grow with care

times have changed and so have we

yet the colors are more stubborn than thee

the fields are filled with the earth’s art

the pigment bright and strong

one us humans could never create

the seasons change and color dries

but a new found feeling warms the heart

a chilly breeze and orange hue

covers the town for a different view

and when the leaves start to fall

a different painting the earth calls

white is scattered across the streets

while green is no longer to be seen

the months are long and dark

but the sound of love sings in the air

as Christmas fills the downtown square

laughter and family is special here

a secret haven for those we hold dear

while we cannot make the flowers grow

we shoot our fire and compel our sky to glow

time ticks and the cold sleeps

as the icy trees begin to weep

it marks another year to contend

it’s time for the painter to paint again

READ MORE poems by students of Northeast Texas Community College in County Line eMagazine.



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