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No More Ukraine Funding Until Border Is Secured


Ukraine’s President Zelensky made an appearance in Washington to beg for more funding. There have been talks of an aid package for both Ukraine and Israel but Republicans are demanding that until border legislation is passed, there will be no funding. Senator Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) told the press that if they want to package HR 2 and the foreign aid together so be it but until the border is addressed, funding for Ukraine and Israel will halt. We are demanding that these politicians accept nothing less than HR 2.

video surfaced from Eagle Pass, TX showing a group of over 1,000 illegal aliens pouring into our country. It was reported that there were several encounters with illegal aliens in need of medical treatment, and were treated on the spot. Not only are millions of illegal aliens pouring across our border with little resistance from Border Patrol, but the American taxpayer is suffering while our resources are being used to aid illegal aliens. The invasion continues to ramp up with no sign of slowing down for the winter. Former ICE Director Tom Homan said that he expects another record-breaking month when DHS numbers for November are released.
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The filing deadline for Texas has officially passed which means the field is set for the primary season. There are challengers to every republican representative who was weak on border security. In order to pass legislation that could help save Texas from the ongoing invasion, we must first win the battle at the ballot box. Every “Republican” incumbent will claim that they helped pass significant border legislation and that their top priority is to stop the invasion, but be wary. We must ensure that every candidate we elect will not only “vote correctly” but fight for stronger border security measures to be considered and passed. Now is the time where legitimate change can be made, and strong policy will be the result.

With your help and continued support, we will fight as long as it takes to secure our border! We can’t back down until the job is done! So please, stand with us today!

For Texas,

Chris Russo

President, Texans for Strong Borders

Texans for Strong Borders

P.O. Box 178, Seabrook, TX 77586
United States of America

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