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Texans for Responsible Judges PAC Unveils Campaign Against Liberal Judges Threatening Conservative Values in Texas

AUSTIN- Texans for Responsible Judges PAC (TRJ) announces today its campaign against judges who have betrayed the rule of law and the principles cherished by the Lone Star State.

TRJ, in its effort to safeguard conservative values within Texas’ judicial system, is calling out the hypocrisy and egregious actions of Judges Michelle Slaughter, Barbara Hervey, and Sharon Keller. These judges have strayed far from their promised principles, leaving a trail of compromised justice, neglected responsibilities, and attacks on Texan’s fundamental rights.

TRJ pledges an unwavering commitment to electing judges who honor and uphold conservative values within the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in 2024. The PAC calls upon every Texan to join the fight for justice, transparency, and values that reflect our beloved state.

“Despite Texas’ reputation for conservative leadership, the Court of Criminal Appeals remains plagued by judges who’ve abandoned their conservative roots. Their decision to strip the Texas Attorney General of the power to prosecute voter fraud has left Texas undefended against liberal district attorneys,” said Sam Vrana, Executive Director.

“Texans deserve judges who serve with integrity and safeguard our elections,” declared Vrana. “We won’t rest until conservatives who honor the rule of law and protect our cherished freedoms serve on the Criminal Court of Appeals.”

For more information, visit TRJ’s expose at

About Texans for Responsible Judges PAC:

Texans for Responsible Judges PAC is a relentless force committed to exposing weak liberal Judges and electing judges who uphold conservative values within the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. TRJ is dedicated to defending justice, election integrity, and safeguarding the constitutional rights of every Texan.

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