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TGCA selects a maximum of 24 All-Stars from conference 1-2-3-4A and 24 All-Stars from conference 5-6A cross country.  These athletes are selected by the TGCA Cross Country Committee, which is composed of cross-country member coaches of the association, at their annual meeting.  Selections are made from nominations submitted by member coaches.  Athletes must be juniors to be selected.  These athletes will be honored at the TGCA summer clinic.

Team Name School Coach Conf
1-4a All-Stars Lily Alexander EAST BERNARD HS Susan Walters 3A
1-4a All-Stars Penelope Anderson SALADO HS Corey Baird 4A
1-4a All-Stars Sophia Bendet RANDOLPH HS Stacy Bessire 3A
1-4a All-Stars Lilly Benson ROBY HS Kimberly Q Williams 1A
1-4a All-Stars Berkley Callaway IRION COUNTY HS Sam Moorhead 1A
1-4a All-Stars Hailie Cauthen EULA HS Josh Fostel 1A
1-4a All-Stars Rylie Eckert RICHLAND SPRINGS HS Brandy Eckermann 1A
1-4a All-Stars Macaiah Franklin BROCK HS Cully Doyle 3A
1-4a All-Stars Ansley Gates FALLS CITY HS Shaw Moy 2A
1-4a All-Stars Madison Gentry PARADISE HS Karin Essig 3A
1-4a All-Stars Isabella Jamie FARWELL HS Joshua Jourden 2A
1-4a All-Stars Brook Locke CROSS ROADS HS Sabrina Zamzow 2A
1-4a All-Stars Konnar McClendon CANADIAN HS Aaron Marks 3A
1-4a All-Stars Aubrey Milam RANDOLPH HS Stacy Bessire 3A
1-4a All-Stars Anna Munoz FREDERICKSBURG HS Dan Aldrich 4A
1-4a All-Stars Presley Polk CHRISTOVAL HS Melissa Pump 2A
1-4a All-Stars Kyla Rangel CRANE HS Machele Pahl 3A
1-4a All-Stars Adison Richard HAMSHIRE-FANNETT HS Fay Guillory 4A
1-4a All-Stars Chloe Ross COLUMBUS HS Michael Albers 3A
1-4a All-Stars Kate Shephard CANYON HS Ray Baca 4A
1-4a All-Stars Katherine Simons INDUSTRIAL HS Robert Elkins 3A
1-4a All-Stars Kathryn Tucker KAUFMAN HS Denver Stone 4A
1-4a All-Stars Emma Walterscheid MUENSTER HS Amy Binder 2A
5-6a All-Stars Madison Black A&M CONSOLIDATED HS Anthony Branch 5A
5-6a All-Stars Olivia Brillhart BELTON HS Holly Lamberte 5A
5-6a All-Stars Kailee Critchfield MCKINNEY NORTH HS Jessica Richards 5A
5-6a All-Stars Rebecca Duran CHAPIN HS Mario Gomez 5A
5-6a All-Stars Leila Farda TURNER HS Maggy Knight 5A
5-6a All-Stars Lily Fawcett BRIDGELAND HS Tom Kennedy 6A
5-6a All-Stars Alexandra Fox FLOWER MOUND HS Andrew Cook 6A
5-6a All-Stars Lucy Fredenburg DRIPPING SPRINGS HS Kourtney Morris 6A
5-6a All-Stars Sofia Golladay LIBERTY HS Khera Vay 5A
5-6a All-Stars Zanashia Harris LUBBOCK CORONADO HS Amy Withrow 5A
5-6a All-Stars Mia Howe STEELE HS Darcy Haxton-Jackson 6A
5-6a All-Stars Sophia Keiser FRANKLIN HS Anthony Laspada 6A
5-6a All-Stars MJ Novelli NELSON HS Jason Grennier 6A
5-6a All-Stars Reese Pena LUBBOCK HS Michael Sparks 5A
5-6a All-Stars Mara Reed ARGYLE HS Devin Sterenberg 5A
5-6a All-Stars Elizabeth Smits SOUTHLAKE CARROLL HS Justin Leonard 6A
5-6a All-Stars Sydney Smothers MONTEREY HS Crista Jones 5A
5-6a All-Stars Zoe Vann ABILENE HS RoseMary Martin 5A
5-6a All-Stars Sarayu Veluri SOUTHLAKE CARROLL HS Justin Leonard 6A

Lee Grisham
TGCA Assistant Executive Director

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