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I read various news articles about the Nov 29th, 2023, visit by President Joe Biden to Pueblo, Colorado, the home district of U.S. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert.  While it is nothing new to have politicians of opposing political parties hurl zingers and insults toward one another; those two individuals have no room to talk.

Joe Biden has a confirmed history of gaffes, brain freezes, mental confusion, but one disgraceful habit he has is coming up from behind to young girls and women and sniffing their hair or kissing their necks.  That is both gross and lewd.  I was further astonished that in his November  29th speech in Pueblo he mentioned Rep. Lauren Boebert’s name then “crossed himself” (in the Catholic manner of religious ritual) only to smile when the gesture drew laughter and catcalls.  The man should be ashamed of mocking his religion.  I am a Catholic myself, and I would NEVER make the “sign of the Cross” as a political game while holding a high distinguished office.

Representative Boebert is no angel either.  She was recently caught in a Denver theater fondling the male genitals of her “date”, while he was caught fondling her breasts in that public venue where children were present. Plus, she was also caught vaping secondhand smoke near a pregnant woman.

Both Biden and Boebert are lewd, lascivious and repeat offenders. She is a 36 year old Congresswoman who was a teen mother. Now, her 17 year old son has impregnated a girl.  Obviously, the woman cannot instill good morals after she’s made a mistake.

Our nation seriously needs a giant mirror put up for our elected and appointed leaders to see their “wrongs”.  But, even that won’t work without all of them having a “conscience”.  It is no wonder that predatory liars such as former Congressman George Santos dupe their way into our lives.  We need to wake up, America !!!

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