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VA Helping ICE Provide Aid For Illegal Aliens


The VA, working with ICE, is providing healthcare for illegal aliens coming through our southern border. This angers many veterans because they are essentially being put on the back burner. Many veterans struggle to get access to healthcare through the VA and there are long waiting periods for treatment. This isn’t the case for illegal aliens as they are receiving healthcare on the spot, and getting to see specialists immediately.

Federal Air Marshals are being pulled off of commercial flights to aid with the influx of illegal aliens flooding through the southwest border. Federal Air Marshals are skilled federal law enforcement officers and their skillsets are being wasted. Due to the failure of the Biden administration and DHS the air marshals are sent to help with menial tasks. We know the solutions to stop the invasion of the southern border and pulling U.S. air marshals away from their families to due simple tasks is not one of them.
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Yesterday, December 5th, was the highest single day of illegal alien border encounters in history. The winter months have not at all halted the invasion at our border as it has in years prior. It was reported that there were 12,000 Southwest Border Encounters and more than 10,200 Border Patrol apprehensions. Even more troubling, the number of Border Patrol agents forced to help process this insane number of illegal aliens means that more illegal crossings will escape detection. Our state is under cartel-backed invasion, and we must put an end to it immediately for the safety of all Texans and their families.

With your help and continued support, we will fight as long as it takes to secure our border! We can’t back down until the job is done! So please, stand with us today!

For Texas,

Chris Russo

President, Texans for Strong Borders

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