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Jason Coleman To Perform At Gilmer Civic Center

What:  The Floyd Cramer Story With Grandson Jason Coleman

When:  Feb 25th  3:00 pm
Where: Gilmer Civic Center
For Nashville pianist Jason Floyd Coleman, there’s more to playing the piano than just melodies
and rhythms. The connections between music and memories, piano and family are inseparable.
And as the grandson of piano legend Floyd Cramer, it’s only natural that the timeless music of
days gone by would find new life in Jason’s fingers.
From a young age, it was evident that Jason Coleman had inherited his grandfather’s distinctive
‘slip-note’ piano style, as it managed to slip its way into even the most elementary songs from
his early piano lessons. In addition to sharing the piano bench with his ‘Grandad’ at home,
Jason grew up performing with Floyd at his concerts and on national TV. Although he was only
12 years old when Floyd passed away in 1997, their close relationship formed the foundation
upon which Jason has built his own career in music.
Jason made his Grand Ole Opry debut at age 17, and two years later played for the Medallion
Ceremony recognizing Floyd’s induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame. In the years
since, Jason has spent his career in the studio and on stage, producing his own collection of
piano albums and touring coast to coast in concerts that bring his grandfather’s signature piano
style to new audiences. And Jason’s online piano concert series, The Jason Coleman Show, has
generated millions of views since its inception during the early days of the pandemic and has
garnered a growing and loyal ‘online family’ of fans and followers.
“I’m not a flashy piano player. I just try to let the melody of the song shine through, and that lets
the listeners fill in the words in their own heads and hearts,” explains Jason. “I like to think of
my music as sort of a bridge to help connect us today with memories and loved ones from years
The main attraction is simple: Jason at the grand piano, transporting listeners down memory
lane through his mesmerizing piano magic.
A lifelong Nashville native, Jason makes his home in the Music City with his wife, Natalie, and
their piano-playing son, Avery Cramer.
For reservations call Steve Fountain  832-312-0074  or email
Tickets  $35  $30  $25

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