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Blessing Boxes in Upshur County Total 15

For the past several years, Upshur County 4-H has participated in the NFL Tackle Hunger’s initiative called Souper Bowl of Caring. In fact, Upshur 4-H member, Jayden Taylor, is a National Ambassador for the program.

How can you be involved? Many people already donate to the Blessing Boxes in the county, so keep it up! Folks can donate money to 4-H to purchase food for local delivery, donate food or money directly to food banks, place food in Blessing Boxes, or feed those in need other ways. The program is designed to raise awareness and provide food for those without. It is very cool to see how our donations add up to a very large number when combined with others around the United States!

In researching the location of the Blessing Boxes in the county to give to our 4-Hers to start donating, I learned that our citizens have huge hearts!! When we first began donating to Blessing Boxes in the county several years ago, there were not nearly as many drop off locations as there are now. We now have 15 boxes all around the county! Upshur Co. 4-H built the two in Diana and Ore City which are placed on properties owned by County Commissioner Dustin Nicholson. And I hear another one is being discussed.

If you would like to report your donations so we can include them with ours on a nationally recognized website, please email how many non-perishable food items you place in a blessing box. That’s all! If anyone would like this list with maps included, email me.

In gathering information for our members, I realized this information would be beneficial to citizens across the entire county, both to donate and as a place to find free food. We just ask that you do not place clothing items in with the food (for sanitary reasons) and that you take just what you need and leave some for others.

Here is a list of the Blessing Boxes (not Food Banks) in Upshur County which are accessible 24-hours a day:

(From North to south & west to east)


1.  Willow Oak Missionary Baptist Church, 1538 Sunflower Rd, Gilmer, TX 75644,      (North of the Midway intersection)

2. Soules Chapel Methodist Church, 5115 Whale Rd – Simpsonville

3. Oak Hill Missionary Baptist Church, Bettie, 3084 FM 2088

4. Enon Baptist Church, 3063 FM 556, Gilmer (west of Lake Gilmer)

5. Harmony ISD, 9788 TX-154 (At the entrance of the High School)

6. Gilmer Missionary Baptist Church 1001 W Tyler St, Gilmer

7. Gilmer Church of Christ, 612 Buffalo St, Gilmer

8. 200 W. Redbud St., Gilmer, (west of the MedShop Pharmacy at the Railroad tracks)

9. Redemption Worship, On Hwy 271, (South of Walmart in Gilmer)

10. Pine Acres Baptist Church, Hwy 155 East, Gilmer  (just east of ETEX)

11. Pritchett Church of Christ, 1258 FM1404, Big Sandy

12. Agape House, 112 W Broadway St, Big Sandy (drop off by the back door)

13. Sand Hill Baptist Church, 3275 FM 555, Gilmer

14. Diana: 1970 US Highway 259 S., Diana

         (In the parking Lot next to Golden Eagle Beer & Wine)

15. De Berry Propane Gas Company, 105 S Hwy 259, Ore City

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  1. Billie Gilmore on November 29, 2023 at 4:32 pm

    Thank you for posting this. As God Blesses us so we share with others.

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