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JIM “PAPPY” MOORE: Earth is Teeming with Life

By Jim “Pappy” Moore

Naysayers. Doomsdayers. Knuckle-wringing and purse-clutching. They wail that the end is near. It may be, but until Jesus returns I’m not believing it.

Our Earth is an explosion of life. Our oceans cover two-thirds of this planet, and they are abundant with life from microscopic to majestic. The vast majority of oceanic pollution comes from China, India and a handful of countries in their part of the world. If they would stop treating our oceans like their personal toilets and garbage dumps, most oceanic trashing would subside.

People who want to get rid of billions of humans want to thin the herd because that would make it easier for them to run the world. They see self-rule and ownership by regular citizens as impediments to their control of power and economics. They see humans as increasingly useless, since they plan on robots and AI doing the work of billions of humans. 

Who benefits from the daily scare tactics we are fed? Not you. Not me. Not our friends and families. We are the sheep they want to herd. Remember, the dog is used to herd the sheep because it reminds the sheep that the wolf once hunted them long ago. Never mind that the dog works for the man who will lead the sheep to their slaughter. Never mind that the sheep follow blindly and mostly willingly to their sordid end. 

We have crazies exhorting the world to stop climate change, as if climate change is a bad thing. Climate changes because of a vast array of events, most of them having nothing to do with humans and their activities. And if it really is caused by humans, why yelp at the parts of the world who contribute the least pollution compared to China, India, and the other Trash Factories of Asia?

Throughout Earth’s history, climate has changed, sometimes drastically. Sometimes it is caused by Earth’s internal events. Sometimes it is caused by Earth’s orbit, or by Sun activity. Sometimes it is brought on by hellacious comet or meteor storms. 

But through it all, life on this planet has endured. Some life forms go extinct every year. That will not change. That is life and the death that is certain to come to some species. As environment changes, so do the life forms which prevail. 

The most ironic thing about hysteria over climate change is that the people most vocal about it are the ones who live in places where most of the bad living decisions exist: big cities. All over the world, it is the huge cities which poison the air and the water. In China. In the USA. In India. In Asian island countries. From the top of Russia to the bottom of Africa. Big cities are the environmental disasters of the world. And that’s where most of the self-styled environmentalists live.

People who live in smaller communities everywhere are not the problem. They live in balance with nature. They limit the height and density of their buildings. They can reach farm land in a few minutes. 

Remember that the alarms being sounded are meant to scare you, to herd you, to make you support things that people in big cities won’t even do for themselves. Our planet is bursting with life, but it is overrun in big cities. Make those the focus of all this nonsense which activists want to foist on all of us folks who live peacefully in what they like to call flyover country.

Copyright 2023, Jim “Pappy” Moore. All rights reserved.

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