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Despite The Damage America is Making a Comeback

By Vern Wuensche

America today is being destroyed in every way. Placing our country, our freedoms, and our way of life in grave danger.

But despite this, our country is making a steady comeback. A conservative Supreme Court, a Republican controlled Congress, and an increasingly alert, engaged, and often enraged public are showing their stuff. And today because of their violent antisemitic protests, there is great clarity about the liberal mindset of students indoctrinated at so-called elite Eastern universities.

Earlier, a candidate who believed parents should be involved in their children’s education became Virginia’s Governor in an upset. At the same time, a strong and brilliant black woman won the Lieutenant Governor’s race. And a bit later, the Supreme Court eliminated the unconstitutional law of Roe v. Wade following fifty years of efforts by the pro life movement. Democrats who supported that law are responsible for the murder of over sixty-three million babies.

And the Supreme Court then eliminated affirmative action, moving America closer to the fair and colorblind society that Martin Luther King envisioned. Democrats once supported his view but no longer do. Conservatives are now using this new law to attack large corporations and others who have implemented the “woke” and DEI culture in their operation.


But the most consequential decision for the long term was the Supreme Court’s decision reining in the administrative state. For decades, 450 federal agencies have abused American citizens by both making and enforcing laws without being elected. But in West Virginia vrs. EPA, the Supreme Court eliminated their unconstitutional actions. Although the results may not be immediate, there is now an inertia to reduce the influence of all these agencies.

Also doing their job well is the new Republican majority in the House. Day by day, their investigations show voters the corrupt nature of the Justice Department, with the FBI carrying water to provide cover for President Biden and his son. With well corroborated evidence, voters are now able to see that the President and his son have accepted millions from Chinese and other governments, creating potential harm to America by these Communist nations. And though the mainstream media, also corrupt, has covered for them, cracks are beginning to show that even they have had enough. Liberal CNN recently did a poll showing Biden’s approval at 39%, with disapproval of 61% and 74% saying he is not up to the job.

Other sources add to the trend. Congress continues to bear down. Elon Musk’s daily tweets continue to focus on truth and transparency. And the many Republican candidates vying for the presidency are using their war chests, likely totaling billions, to deliver the truth daily for the next twelve months. In addition, Fox News provides transparency to its millions of viewers, as do conservative sites like Newsmax and others.

Our culture, too, is showing a comeback. Consumers are showing their support, or lack of, for products that reflect their conservative beliefs.

Oliver Anthony’s song Rich Men North of Richmond topped all the charts and became popular throughout the world. The movie “The Sound of Freedom,” though panned by the industry, became very popular and already has grossed over one hundred million at the box office. Disney, Target and Bud Light have all experienced the wrath of their loyal longtime consumers after they supported Democrats’ transgender policies.

Plus, parents are pushing back against Democrats’ indoctrination of their children. Moms for Liberty, which advocates against liberal school curricula, now has 285 chapters in 45 states.

Virtually all polls underscore America’s need for a comeback. Gallup Polls recently showed that only twenty percent of Americans are satisfied with the direction of the United States. These polls indicate that about half of Democrats believe America is on the wrong track.

Conservative, right thinking Americans have twelve more months of America’s continual decline to loud and clear inform our fellow citizens as to who the culprits are. We Americans must rise up, push back, and make our voices heard. With our votes we now have an opportunity to cleanse America by producing a local, state, and national landslide on November 5th, 2024. 

Vern Wuensche’s opinion pieces have appeared in USA Today and other newspapers. He is a small town Texas farm boy with an MBA and CPA who founded and continuously ran Houston’s oldest residential construction company for forty-three years. He is a lifelong active Republican, a Christian, a veteran, and an early marathoner who ran for President in 2008 and 2012.

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