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JIM “PAPPY” MOORE: Thank Goodness for Thanksgiving!

By Jim “Pappy” Moore

Thanksgiving 2023 is here. Most of us will celebrate with family and friends. We will eat a big meal, enjoy the company of one another, catch up on personal lives, perhaps play some games, and maybe watch some football or basketball.

We will not have any disagreements about matters of personal choice, from religion, to politics, to sports. We don’t all have to agree on such matters.

In our family, we will start our meal after midday, with people arriving on their own. My sister and my niece’s husband will cook many of the items, including turkey and ham. The rest of us will bring various other foods. My son and I will bring dozens of deviled eggs. My nephew will make mashed potatoes. My niece will make yeast rising rolls and pecan pie. Another niece will likely bring one of her gourmet cheese cakes. Still other kin will bring roasted red potatoes and chocolate cake. My daughter-in-law will likely bring an item. Others haven’t checked in yet with their choices, but they will include vegetables and desserts. 

We will have more food than can be eaten in three days, much less three hours.  Our parents grew up in The Great Depression and we elders ate well growing up, but with few leftovers. We appreciate and are thankful for having plenty of food.

Our youngest person will be six. Our eldest person will be me at age seventy-four and my brother-in-law at age seventy-three. We will have two in our seventies, one in her sixties, one in his fifties, a few in their forties or thirties, and a crop of kids ranging from grade school to just out of high school. We expect twenty-one in all.

We will gather together mainly to visit and enjoy one another’s company.  The goal will be to have fun and be the kind of person God would have us be, to be truly thankful for the bounty of good things He has blessed our family with.

Our family loves playing games. We like games that elicit laughter – fun games that encourage people to have a good time and forget weighty subjects for a while.  

We will have ten youngsters present from ages six to nineteen. If any of the children want to show off any skills they have, we will be their audience.

We still have abundant food in America. We still have our freedoms to gather, to enjoy family, and to live the life that God would have us live. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Copyright 2023, Jim “Pappy” Moore, all rights reserved.

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