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Is the world on the brink of a nuclear war?

WASHINGTON (October 17, 2023): Hamas by releasing its forces and launching a major terrorist attack against Israel, to which Israel is currently retaliating, has begun a war that can easily lead to an international holocaust. Fears are traveling fast throughout America that some of the $6 billion cash Iranians will receive, if the Biden Administration releases it, as planned, will be used to finance even more bloody and savage attacks against Israel – and, if successful, other Christian countries as well.

Can it be stopped? Will world leaders awaken to the international conflagration that has begun and resist? Or will the savage forces, which have reached the threshold of civilization, cross over the divide and release an attack of other civilized nations. These are some of the hard questions that Joe David, author of The Infidels, believes every man and woman should be asking himself.

David sees what is happening in the Middle East as one episode of many more in what is proving to be a Holy War. “History confirms it,” the author says. “This war that is occurring today in Israel is the same religious battle that began hundreds of years ago, and it is a war that will continue long after many of us are buriedNothing less than a united international front can stop the radical Muslims from destroying what remains of our civilized world.”

In David’s novel, The Infidels (a biographical and intimate look at his late mother’s experience in 1915), the author recreates with clarity a convincing story in a readable style of what had happened then to infidels (non-Muslims) as documented by history. According to the author, the conflict unfolding today in Israel is a continuation of this war, which today is in different stages of development in strategic nations internationally. If not halted, David believes that it can easily lead to a worldwide jihad.

“The radical Muslims are on the move while many of us observe in a confused daze. Their horrific savagery is evident by their cruel beheading and torture of the infidels, and the rape of young children (non-Muslims). It is an almost exact replay to what happened in 1915 – and earlier. The methodology, the cruelty, the savagery, all of it, is the same for the same reason, executed by psychopaths against innocent men, women, and children – simply because they aren’t of a specific faith.

“For a clearer understanding of what is happening today in real time,” David said, “you must read my well-reviewed, paced novel The Infidels. It will eliminate any doubts about the enemy’s true intent, and it will hopefully unite us against the enemy before today’s war in Israel escalates to nuclear levels.”


Joe David is the author of six books. His articles have appeared in numerous publications including Chicago Tribune, U.S. Airways Magazine, Basic Education, Israel National News, and moreFor details, visit:

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