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TDLR seeks volunteers to serve on 17 advisory boards and committees

AUSTIN – The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation seeks volunteers to serve on 17 advisory boards and committees to provide technical knowledge and industry expertise to the agency, which regulates 38 occupations in Texas. The agency also seeks public members who have no attachment to the industry being regulated.

“TDLR needs Texans who care about their communities to participate on our advisory boards and committees,” said TDLR Executive Director Mike Arismendez Jr. “Thanks to a change in state law, we’re able to hold most of our advisory board meetings online, so members no longer have to travel to Austin to meet. We hope that more people will want to get involved.”

Many of the vacancies that TDLR seeks to fill are for public members who will represent Texas consumers and do not have a connection to the industry of their appointed board. . Most terms on the boards and committees last for six years, although some terms may be shorter because a seat has been vacated by a member who was unable to complete their term.

Advisory board members are appointed by the chairman of the Texas Commission on Licensing and Regulation. There is no financial compensation for membership.

The following boards and councils currently have vacancies:

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors Advisory Board, 6-year terms

  • Official of Municipality with Population Not more than 250,000
  • Official of Municipality with Population Greater than 250,000

Architectural Barriers Advisory Committee, 3-year term

  • Consumer with Disabilities

Behavior Analyst Advisory Board, 6-year term

  • Licensed Assistant Behavior Analyst

Board of Boiler Rules, 6-year term

  • Public Member

Code Enforcement Officers Advisory Committee, 6-year term

  • Structural Engineer/Architect

Combative Sports Advisory Board, 6-year term

  • Physician

Electrical Safety and Licensing Advisory Board, 6-year term

  • Master Electrician with a statewide association

Elevator Advisory Board, 3-year term

  • Public Member/Disabled

Hearing Instrument Fitters and Dispensers Advisory Board, 6-year term:

  • Doctor of Otolaryngology

Midwives Advisory Board, 6-year term

  • Midwife

Orthotists and Prosthetists Advisory Board, 6-Year term:

  • Public Member who uses Orthosis

Registered Sanitarian Advisory Committee, 6-year term:

  • Consumer/Public Member

Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists Advisory Board, 6-Year terms:

  • Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Audiologist

Texas Water Well Drillers Advisory Council, 6-year term:

  • Public Member

Towing and Storage Advisory Board, 6-year term:

  • Peace Officer/Population More Than One Million Residents

Used Automotive Parts Recycling Advisory Board, 6-Year terms:

  • Domestic Auto Parts Business
  • Foreign Auto Parts Business

See this page ( for details on specific membership requirements and how to apply.


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