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Hidden Behind The Mist Of Arrow Lakes

Lucia Mann: Author - Journalist - Humanitarian
A New Book from Lucia Mann

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The cold-blooded slaughter of humans in the Holocaust must never be lost to the marching of time.
In the Arrow Lakes region of British Columbia, Canada, individuals with ties to the Nazi era—some born during the war and others after—adopted new identities, cleverly altering one or two letters of their birth or last names. Living inconspicuously, they managed to stay beneath the radar.Hidden Behind the Mist of Arrow Lakes unfolds a courageous historical account, weaving together the intricate web of connections between Russia, England, Germany, and Canada—a tapestry that binds the Holocaust’s history. Within its pages lies a harrowing chronicle of unspeakable atrocities, a narrative that had long remained shrouded in secrecy.

This tale stands among countless others that have been chronicled, all bearing witness to a dark chapter in human history. Yet, by bringing these stories to light, their truths and the malevolence they encapsulate should forever be etched into collective memory, ensuring they are never consigned to oblivion.

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Lucia Mann is a respected humanitarian, activist, and author based in British Columbia, Canada. She was born in British colonial South Africa after World War II. After retiring from a successful career in freelance journalism, Ms. Mann dedicated herself to giving voice to the silenced and oppressed. Her dedication to uncovering hidden stories of suffering and injustice has garnered international acclaim. Hidden Behind the Mist of Arrow Lakes is Mann’s ninth book and serves as a poignant exploration of a dark period in history that demands to be remembered.
Price: $19.95  •  Pages: 346 •  6″ x 9″ Paperback  •  ISBN: 978-0-9856039-7-7
Available Now!
US Print Edition and E-book Editions At
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