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by James A. Marples
The recent attacks upon Israel by the terrorist group Hamas illustrates how fragile life is. We often contemplate the privilege and purpose of life. In April 1939, Dr. Ernest Crutcher, M.D. said: The joy of life is “doing”; whereas, the purpose of life encompasses many categories. He recounted the marvels of reproduction, the birth, the helplessness of the infant, its astonishing growth and maturity with a decline toward senility and death.
Dr. Cutcher was well-acquainted with the study of human life.  He was a member of various civic groups including Scottish Rite Masonry.  His progress was a little bit unusual.  He was conferred a 14th degree Mason on April 17, 1912, then an 18th degree Mason a year later in 1913; then a 30th degree Mason in February 1914, and lastly a 32nd degree Mason on March 9, 1917.
Dr. Crutcher was talking about natural laws of  the universe.  He asked: “Is it Fate, Destiny, Kismet, guardian angels, discarnate friends, God, that holds, hinders and handicaps to allow evil things to happen to good (innocent) people?”
This need not be just military strikes; it could be tornadoes, floods, famine and the like.  The only difference is that natural disasters are just that: components of nature.  Human warfare lies directly in the hands of humans.
Fate has been called “undiscovered causes.” Men mold destiny, reaping what they sowed.  The art of thinking is wrought-out by trial, pain, and circumstance.
Those who are evil-doers will face a Judgment Day. We should ALL pray for peace.  It is more than just choosing sides and heckling talking-points.

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