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Letter to Gilmer ISD Parents

Good evening, Gilmer HS parents. 

In an effort to keep you informed, please know Gilmer ISD has recently been made aware of, and is currently investigating, allegations of inappropriate communication between a Gilmer ISD teacher and high school student. Due to the District’s pending investigation and applicable privacy laws, the District is unable to share detailed information about this matter. However, I assure you that the District is taking all responsive action necessary and appropriate, including removal of the educator pending investigation and reporting to the appropriate authorities. 

In order to maintain the integrity of the investigative process, and protect the privacy interests of those involved, we ask that you speak with your student about the importance of not engaging in gossip with other students or otherwise spreading false and/or misleading information. As you determine appropriate, please also discuss the parameters of appropriate educator-student communication with your child. Information about District standards for appropriate educator-student communication may be found on the District’s website in the 2023-2024 Gilmer ISD Employee Handbook, beginning on page 51. 

Should you or your student have information you believe is relevant to the District’s investigation, we ask that you contact Superintendent, Mr. Rick Albritton at 903-841-7400.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation, 

Mr. Rick Albritton, Superintendent
Mrs. Kimberly Kemp, GHS Principal

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