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Honors students take 32nd semester trip

group of students who went on the trip posing for a picture

Pictured: Fernanda Aleman, Raul Leija, Assistant Honors Director and Driver–Melody Mott, Michelle Calderon, Vanessajane Bayna, Sam Pollan, Neida Perez, Perla Guzman, Skylar Hodson, Garrett Phillips, Kaden Groda, Maddy Smith, Morgan Thrapp. Michael Rodriguez, Student Services Specialist and Driver–Fatima Fuentes, Luke McCraw, Odalys Adame (Not shown: John Jones, Halea Ledezma, Alison Majors, and Honors Director and Driver–Dr. Andrew Yox).

By: Dr. Andrew Yox, Honors Director

A tradition initiated in 2008, continued for students of Honors Northeast as they visited a major city, in this case, Fort Worth, Friday, 22 September.

girls at starbucks
At the Greenville Starbucks: Vanessajane Bayna,
Fernanda Aleman, and Perla Guzman

The group rendezvoused first at the Greenville Starbucks, before heading on to the Fort Worth Zoo, and the Rodeo Goat Restaurant.  The group next went on to the Kimbell and Amon Carter art galleries.  After returning for some free time in downtown Fort Worth which for some included a look at Fort Worth’s singular water gardens, Sundance Square, and another restaurant of choice, the group came together to experience the Four Day Weekend, an improvisational comedy troupe.

The patrons of Honors Northeast have made these semester trips possible, most particularly Drs. Jim and Paula Archer.  The Archers have supported liberally every trip, and in the fall of 2020 when a trip was inadvisable because of COVID, they still supported a fun get-together at Daingerfield Park.  In fact, the honors trips are a carryover of an older NTCC tradition, Dr. Archer’s semester culture/reward trips with the chemistry club.

Students in front of waterfall
Courtesy of Michelle Calderon. At the Zoo:
Odalys Adame, Neida Perez, Fatima Fuentes,
Michelle Calderon, and Raul Leija

“The conversations, the shared music in the vans, the fun coffee, unique meals, and the delightful serendipity that occurs at experiences like Richard Serra’s great echo chamber, and during the Four Day Weekend show when the comedians embraced lines provided by our students,” noted Honors Director, Dr. Andrew, “make each of these day-trips very special for the building up of our group. As I like to say, if we have had an extraordinary program, it is because we have had extraordinary benefactors, who have encouraged unforgettable events like this.”

students inside vortex
Inside Richard Serra’s Vortex in the Culture
District, Alison Majors, Halea Ledezma, Skylar
Hodson, Sam Pollan, Kaden Groda, Garrett Philips
and Morgan Thrapp

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