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JIM “PAPPY” MOORE: To Infinity & Beyond

By Jim “Pappy” Moore

The children’s movie Toy Story had Buzz Lightyear intoning “to Infinity and beyond!” There is a theory I have long had about us and the nature of our universe. It is our understanding of infinity.

We are a unique species. We know we are going to die, and we usually get to see it coming from a distance. Dogs, cats, horses, lions, and tigers, and bears. They don’t know until the end is imminent. 

Because we understand our own life, we know that we will be born. We will usually live a pretty good number of decades, and usually after illness we will die. Our life is finite and we know it. From the first day we understand and comprehend that one day we will die, we never think otherwise. We know eventually that day is coming. “It is appointed unto man (and woman) once to die.” 

For us, having a beginning and an end is normal and natural. We learn that our being comes into existence when our father’s most successful sperm penetrates our mother’s egg. An explosion of life occurs, half mother, half father. That is us. We don’t know it then or for years to come. But one day we do come to understand it. 

Our existence as finite on this Earth defines us, and it structures our thinking to conclude things should have a beginning and an end. Start. Conclude. 

Sometimes when I think about the delusions of science, it makes me chuckle. There’s assumption after assumption to arrive at scientific “hrrrumpp” conclusions. They don’t KNOW the universe is 13 billion years old. They THINK it is and they have a bunch of reasons why. 

Almost all the lights we see in the night sky are supposedly from light which was launched billions or many millions of years ago. Here’s what we know for sure: the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. We need clean water to live. Male and Female are the two genders defined by nature with one providing the egg and one providing the sperm. Because we are humans we need long years for children to be raised. And most of what we know about the universe are conclusions we have made with our very limited brainpower.

Maybe our default position of beginning/end is where our problem as humans starts. We begin and then end. We might want our universe to be the same. 

Suppose the natural order of things is Infinity. Suppose God has always been and suppose he really did speak this universe into existence. We are trapped in these minds that – at their best – are in the realm of 150 I.Q. plus. Whatever we think we know now, we’ll know better within decades. 

Our life here on Earth is limited. It is defined. We live then we die. But the soul never dies. It endures. Many of us have specific beliefs which we follow and embrace. We will learn what comes next when it comes next. Until then, why not believe in God? I believe we have a God who wants us to succeed in the path of good and of righteousness. 

I never try to make anyone believe as I believe. “Read the words of Jesus” is what I tell people. They’re in red letters. I prefer King James Version because that’s what I grew up reading. Jesus lays it all out. He was not looking for approval. He was looking for obedience and goodness.

Many years ago I read a line that stuck with me even in trying times: “It’s more fun believing in God than in not believing in God.” Don’t you want to believe that there’s a God who does care about you? Don’t you want to know that God is pulling for you to get your life right? Think infinity. God is always here and he always has been. He’s got this.

Copyright 2023, Jim “Pappy” Moore. All rights reserved.

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